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August 26, 2015
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Ancient of Days - God applying the compass to mankind

There's no greater degree in most of Freemasonry compared to Masonic third degree, also called the actual Mason degree.

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A Masonic third degree isn't an online degree and since it is no accredited degree you can't obtain your Masters degree online nor via classes on the web.

Unlike other degree programs offline or online in schools and colleges, the actual Mason degree is just provided by Masonic lodges.

However, that's not saying you can't get the online education about Freemasonry and take advantage of your ongoing education an internet-based studies because there's an abundance of trustworthy Masonic information on the web.

Masonic Third Degree Commonalities to school Courses an internet-based Levels

Ongoing Education: Your Master Mason degree is the start of your ongoing education. Classes on the web and Masonic classes are couple of, therefore your Masonic understanding is going to be acquired from Masonic books, instructor brought Masonic education classes and Schools of Instruction in addition to online gaining knowledge from most of the excellent Masonic websites open to you.

Programs of "Study"

  • Masonic Ritual: Masonic ritual shows us training learned within the Holy Scriptures, around which Freemasonry evolves. Some people decide to learn, stand out and "master" Masonic ritual.

    These people might have to go onto become Masonic teachers, helping others to understand ritual or might be asked for to become District Deputy Grand Lecturer who shows Masonic education to lodges in their district.

    So, if education and teaching is the forte there's a spot for Masonic teachers and mentors within every lodge.

  • Fraternal Brotherhood: Similar to a college degree, others join the fraternity for the social facet of long term brotherhood along with the fellowship loved by its people.
  • Masonic Charitable organisation: People from the fraternity have confidence in and positively take part in Masonic charitable organisation to numerous and countless useful causes which produces an enjoyable sense of "giving back" for their local towns.

    You will find many avenues for participation within the activities of the lodge, therefore it is advisable to discover the places that you'll be the most joyful inside your new Masonic home.

    Masonic Participation: You will find several different ways for everyone and also to benefit...a time of duty around the Stewards’ Committee, waiting around the siblings who've formerly anxiously waited for you, understanding how to participate like a sideliner within the degree work before you are comfy to aid in the job supporting the Lodge by simply regular attendance at Mentioned and Special Conferences, contacting a brother who's ill getting spouses, families and buddies to social functions, taking on study regarding Masonic research, and, on most special importance... partaking of all of the good fellowship that is open to you using your Lodge.

  • Lodge Officials: Some go ahead and take path toward climbing with the Masonic officer chairs to ultimately arrive "within the East", which is chosen because the Worshipful Master from the lodge, and whose chair sits within the East.

    They fulfill roles getting related to not just the ritual work of every specific officer's position, but lodge officials govern lodge procedures including audits and budgets and insure that peace and harmony prevail both inside the lodge room and outdoors its walls.

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Explanation of the Third Degree Tracing Board ~ by G.R. Oswell
Explanation of the Third Degree Tracing Board ~ by G.R. Oswell
The bee-hive is an important symbol in the masonic third
The bee-hive is an important symbol in the masonic third ...
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