Master Mason degree ritual

November 6, 2015
As soon as a candidate takes

A Lodge on most Excellent Masters is opened up in nearly exactly the same manner as Lodges within the preceding Levels. The officials are, an expert, Senior and Junior Wardens and Deacons, Secretary and Treasurer, not to mention a Tyler.

The officials of the Chapter rank the following:-

Our Prime Priest, as Right Worshipful Master King, as Senior Warden Scribe, as Junior Warden Principal Sojourner, as Senior Deacon Royal Arch Captain, as Junior Deacon. The Treasurer, Secretary, and Tyler corresponding in rank with similar officials of other Levels.

The symbolic color of the very most Excellent Masters Degree is crimson. The apron is of whitened lambskin, edged with crimson. The collar is of crimson, edged with gold. But, as Lodges of the Degree are held under warrants of Royal Arch Sections, the collars, apron, and jewels from the Chapter are usually utilized in conferring the amount.

The Best Worshipful Master signifies King Solomon, and really should be outfitted inside a crimson robe, putting on a crown, and holding a sceptre in the hands.

An applicant receiving this Degree is stated to become "received and known as a Perfect Master."

Lodges on most Excellent Masters are "devoted to King Solomon."

Master (towards the Junior Warden.)-Brother Junior, could they be all Perfect Masters within the south?

J. W.-They're, Right Worshipful.

Master (towards the Senior Warden.)-Brother Senior, could they be all Perfect Masters in the western world?

S. W.-They're, Right Worshipful.

Master-They're also within the east.

Master gives one rap, which calls in the two deacons.

Master (to Junior Deacon.)-Brother Junior, the very first proper care of a Mason?

J. D.-To determine the doorway tyled, Perfect.

Master-Deal with that a part of your duty, and inform the Tyler that we're going to open this Lodge on most Excellent Masters, and direct him to tyle accordingly.

Junior Deacon would go to the doorway and provides six knocks, that the Tyler from without solutions by six more. Then he gives one knock, that the Tyler solutions with one, and that he then partially

Scottish Rite Masonry 33rd Degree (Freemasons) Illuminati
Scottish Rite Masonry 33rd Degree (Freemasons) Illuminati
Master Mason oaths and the Bible
Master Mason oaths and the Bible
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