What is a 33RD degree Freemasonry?

January 2, 2016
Thirty-three degrees

Freemasonry consists of three levels. If somebody joins, he experiences the entire process of finding the levels and turns into a third degree Master Mason. At this time, he's a complete Person in the Fraternity along with a peer to any or all other Masons around the world.

Within Freemasonry, you will find sub-groups which exist for various reasons. All these groups uses different game titles, structure, etc. One particular group is known as the Scottish Rite.

The Scottish Rite consists of 29 "levels." These levels are designated 4 through 32, but they're not greater compared to Third (Master Mason) Degree. If somebody joins the Scottish Rite, he experiences an initiation process concluding with him finding the 32nd amount of the Scottish Rite [note: most People don't receive all 29 levels, however they all get the 32nd].

The Scottish Rite also offers the "33rd" degree, that is an honorary degree presented upon People who perform exceptional service. Again, these People aren't "greater" than Third Degree Master Masons the thirty third degree is only a Scottish Rite recognition, although, a exclusive one.

The 33rd degree is conferred throughout conferences from the Supreme Council (the regulating body from the Scottish Rite) and it is by invitation only. It cannot be requested, bought, or campaigned for. Individuals who get the degree put on different products throughout Scottish Rite conferences to point the recognition.

33rd Degree Freemasons
33rd Degree Freemasons
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