What are the Secrets of the Freemasons?

November 24, 2018
The Steps of Freemasonry: 101

Uncover The Traditional Message The Freemasons Sent To Offspring With TheInchDouble Towers" Of Medieval Cathedrals

Let's say all you thought you understood about Freemasonry would be a lie?

Become Familiar With A Sophisticated Ancient Knowledge Once Celebrated Globally And Find Out The Way It Can:
  • Reawaken You To Definitely The Memory Of Who You're Really
  • Assist You To Find Inborn Forces You Won't Ever Understood You'd
  • Endow You With Unparalleled Charge Of Your Existence, Health Insurance And Future
  • Train You Something Regarding Your Body You Won't Ever Recognized

When operative Freemasons built Europe’s Medieval cathedrals within the Dark ages, they did something seditious along the way:

They rebelliously encoded a blasphemous"Secret" in to the architecture. For hundreds of years their heretical work went unacknowledged.

However when high-level Chapel government bodies discovered, all hell broke loose.

The Chapel required the Order’s quick and immediate destruction:

“The purpose and goal from the Masonic sect getting been discovered from plain evidence...is clear to see...to try and revive, after 18 centuries, the manners and institutions of paganism

…we plan to turn our focus on the Masonic society… as one example of increasingly more this wicked pressure and prevent multiplication of the contagious disease…"

—Pope Leo XIII

With that time, however, the harm ended, the key from the Freemasons was .

This Secret's still visible today within the repeating"Cathedral Code" blueprint proven here:

You’re going to uncover the building blocks of the Secret by discovering a vital bit of the architectural"Cathedral Code"—the meaning behind the 2 cathedral spires, individuals tall Twin Towers that sophistication free airline face.

Look again in the three cathedrals above.

Clearly all of them share exactly the same common blueprint (see right).

You do not understand it, however this blueprint conveys a lost ancient teaching—a effective"Sacred Science."

Neither the blueprint nor the Sacred Science may students, who credit a"Secret Society, " the"Freemasons, " with building the Medieval cathedrals.

What makes them known as a"Secret" society?

Since the Freemasons have for hundreds of years been thought by many people to stay in having a"Great Secret" inherited from Antiquity.

“I… promise and swear…that I'll keep and hide, rather than reveal the secrets…"

—Masonic Initiation Ceremony

—A secret, in addition to this, they're rumored to possess encoded into Medieval cathedral architecture:

Architect, Author Claude Bragdon, 1866 – 1946 (designed New You are able to Central Railroad Station, Rochester, NY)

Victor Hugo’ (1802 - 1885) The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Secret Lives Of The Freemasons: Live @ TheTalentFarm 12/06/07
Secret Lives Of The Freemasons: Live @ TheTalentFarm 12/06/07
2012 : Secrets of the Freemasons! Masonlarin Gizli Sirlari !
2012 : Secrets of the Freemasons! Masonlarin Gizli Sirlari !
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