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August 5, 2015
Anti-Masonic Movement in

Anti-Masonic Movement within the good reputation for the U . s . States, popular movement according to public indignation at and suspicion from the secret fraternal order referred to as Masons, or Freemasons. Competitors of the society grabbed upon the uproar to produce the Anti-Masonic Party. It had been the very first American 3rd party, the very first political party to carry a nationwide nominating convention, and the first one to provide the electorate a platform of party concepts.

The movement was captivated in 1826 through the mysterious disappearance of William Morgan, a bricklayer in western New You are able to who allegedly had damaged his vow of secrecy like a Freemason by planning a magazine revealing the organization’s secrets. When no trace of Morgan might be discovered, whispers of his murder as a result of Masons taken through New You are able to after which into Colonial and also the Mid-Atlantic states.

As Anti-Masonic candidates demonstrated effective in condition and native elections, political figures saw the issue’s election-catching options. Anti-Masonic newspapers prospered within the heated political atmosphere. In September 1831, the Anti-Masonic Party held a nationwide convention in Baltimore, Md., nominated William Wirt for leader, and introduced a celebration platform condemning Masonry because of its secrecy, exclusivity, and undemocratic character.

Wirt won just the condition of Vermont (seven electoral votes) within the 1832 election, and also the party entered decline next. Through the late 1830s a lot of its reform impulse have been absorbed by antislavery agitation, and many of their political figures had became a member of the recently created Whig Party.

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Anti-Masonic Movement
Anti-Masonic Movement
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