Masonic Lodge secret handshakes

June 12, 2015
Freemasons in Wilmington

Master Mason prepared for initiationWorshipful Master: * * *. (Strikes his gavel three occasions.)

WM: Brother ______, if you're still willing to accept Obligation, say "I", repeat your title entirely, and repeat after me.

Candidate: I, _____ ______, of my very own freedom and accord, in the existence of Almighty God which Worshipful Lodge of Master Masons, erected to Him and devoted towards the memory from the Holy Saints John, do hereby and hereon solemnly and sincerely promise and swear which i could keep and hide rather than reveal the secrets of the Amount of Master Mason, which i've received, am going to receive, or might be hereafter instructed in, to the person unless of course it will be to some worthy Brother Master Mason, or in the human body of the just and duly constituted Lodge of these, and never unto him or them until by due trial, strict examination, or authorized Masonic information, I shall have discovered him or them justly titled to get exactly the same.

Question: How come Freemasonry dedicate itself to John the Baptist and John the Evangelist but have no reference to Jesus in the 'charges' or traditions?

Answer: Being an organization composed of the plurality of spiritual faiths, it's not to become expected that anybody religion ought to be symbolized except to trick the naive and ignorant. The John's are allusions or references to alternative types of "christianity" by which Jesus is guy only, not God-guy, begotten not provided from God. These options are known as "gnostic", heretical syncretistic sects that mix Hellenistic questionnable religions with Neo-Platonism.

Question: How come Freemasonry forbid using Jesus instead of the 'Great Architect from the Universe' in open lodge but contradistinctly stress the 'Holy Saints John'?

Answer: See response supra.

Question: Does Freemasonry have regards to the heretical Johannite Sects from the Mid East referred to as 'St. John Christians' who revere John the Baptist but dislike Jesus who they term the 'Vomiter of Lies'?

Answer: Yes. The Johannite link is definitely an allusion to some secret chapel of St John, i.e. a gnostic sect of Nestorian/Gnostic Christian believers who deny the Divinity of Jesus. Using the Johns would be to lull Christian believers into acceptance of Freemasonry's religious allusions as legitimate. They aren't legitimate references, but deceitful pretences made to seduce the naive. The latent meaning would be that the order may be the secret chapel of Jesus. This can be a lie, however the naive are permitted to summarize this when they so wish. Masons really seeking light/understanding are lead in to the darkness of ethical corruption and ego defence systems. They're permitted to think and speak nonsense underneath the auspices from the order by males, their dominant masters who know better but must hide the reality using their submissives.

Question: Wasn't the Knights in combat Templar charged with ascribing towards the same Johannite Heresy, and doesn't Freemasonry promote itself secretly as the direct descendants from the Knights in combat Templar?

Their Jesus isn't the Christ however a guy only. It's an organization of blasphemy to normative Christian believers which stands in complete agreement using the abuse from the Christian Bible and St. John and denial of Jesus as true God and true guy. It's a fraud made to trick the general public and masons into thinking that they'll be masons and Christian believers too. That's difficult, save like a Christian heretic or apostate which declines the divinity of Jesus. Note well that St. John omits the institution from the Holy Eucharist throughout the seder meal on Holy thursday, based on the Spiritual narrative. Another, Synoptic Gospels' authors declare the divinity of Jesus which the sacraments through His chapel are implemented by Him for that salvation of followers. Freemasonry is really a counterfeit salvation into self-absorption and delusion that seduces searchers using their belief, so that they use like a pretence and facade, probably the most gnostic from the Evangelists to cover the order's animus towards the claims of faith, any religion. The mason is progressively lured from normative morality right into a modern realm of false morality where the member withdraws from his former life's accessories and substitutes all of them with Freemasonry's false promises. the member becomes thusly progressively based mostly on an order like a parental surrogate and authority figure before the member is really completely based mostly on an order he will lie or commit criminal functions on its account, for he's little else nowadays or even the alongside sustain him and dare not oppose the pressure from peers of his fellow masons' retaliation.

In addition: I actually do promise and swear which i will offer the Metabolic rate from the Grand Lodge from the Condition of Nevada, also all of the laws and regulations, rules, and edicts of the identical, or associated with a other Grand Lodge from whose jurisdiction I might hereafter hail along with the by-laws and regulations, rules, and rules of the or other Lodge which I might registered as a member, to date because the same shall arrived at my understanding.

Question: How about the laws and regulations from the Condition of Nevada?

Civil laws and regulations pursuant towards the obligation might be circumvented when needed. An obvious omission that subordinates behavior training to civil laws and regulations at the best and subverts them at worst, by offending the allegiance from the member in the family and condition and religion towards the Order who becomes the people family and authority.

In addition: I actually do promise and swear which i will answer and obey all due signs and regular summons sent me in the body of the just and duly constituted Lodge of Master Masons, or handed me with a worthy Brother of the degree, if within the size of my cable-tow.

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