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August 17, 2016
BMW Car Freemason Illuminati

werder_overdoseThroughout the twentieth century, urban conditions got absorbed by corporate logos. Research has reported that the person with average skills is uncovered to around a 1000 logos each day. Couple of people however reflect on the symbolic concept of these marketing tools as well as their occult roots. This short article evaluates the esoteric origin of some well-known corporate logos.

Logo design overkill

Consider in which you encounter logos with an average day: they're on household products, on cars, on clothes, in tv advertisements, on advertisements, on insignas, throughout sporting occasions as well as about this very page (sorry). Logos are among the outcomes of extensive studies (funded through the Rockefeller’s “Chicago School”) in cognitive sciences, neuropsychology and biology. Individuals studies constitute the main of “marketing”, a heavily funded area which will keep its findings totally secret from everyone. How come the findings secret? Well, should you understood why marketing done you, you would not fall for this any longer.

The large visibility of corporate logos can also be an chance for that elite to showcase their values as well as their energy. Exactly the same way occult symbols are placed on structures and sites (begin to see the Sinister Sites section for good examples), they're hidden in plain take on corporate logos. We'll now explore the roots and meanings from the symbols utilized in logos. This information will concentrate on the Winged Sun-disk and also the Vesica Piscis.

The Winged Sun-Disk

This ancient symbol is generally connected with Egypt, even though it seemed to be utilized by Persians and Assyrians and through remote cultures in South Usa and Australia. It includes a Sun orb between two wings. The Egyptians typically portrayed two serpents around the wings, representing the goddesses safeguarding Lower and upper Egypt. Thomas Milton Stewart describes its mythological meaning:

“Horus, the Virgin-Born redeemer from the Egyptians, came intro the planet to eliminate the opponents from the great God, Ra. Therefore Horus transformed themself into the type of the winged sun-disk, and required with him the Goddesses Nekhebet and Uatchit by means of two serpents. After their effective war upon the opponents of Ra, Horus commanded Thoth, the God of Secret Knowledge, the winged sun-disk using the erect serpents ought to be introduced into every sanctuary of all of the gods from the lands from the South and North.”

park_peace_garden_gateThe writer continues about meaning:

“The symbolic points during foregoing legend are extremely old, for they fit in with the first period. The winged disk, which like a hieroglyphic means “to become – to become – to produce, ” is part of symbolical ornamentation of each and every temple, displayed over every gate and entrance, and symbolic of the first expression of existence after dying which has arrived at our day.”
-Thomas Milton Stewart, Meaning from the Gods from the Egyptians and also the Light They Put on Freemasonry

The symbol is really a representation from the ascension from the soul towards the Divine, with the aid of the serpents of knowledge and understanding:

“And this is from the winged Sundisk is that this, – It's the indication of perfect Aspiration for the Divine, of Purification from the lower character, as well as final ascent into union using the One.”
-G.A. Gaskell, Egyptian Scriptures Construed With the Language of Meaning Present in most Inspired Documents

Egyptian mystics used the winged sun for ritualistic miracle and invocations:

“‘Emblematic from the component of air, for example a circle or photo voltaic-type disk enclosed by a set of wings. In ritual miracle it's suspended within the alter within an easterly direction and used when invoking the security and co-operation from the sylphs.”
–Hope, Murry, Practical Egyptian Miracle

The winged sun continues to be used today by groups such as the Freemasons, the Theosophists and also the Rosicrucians.

“The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, even though the Illuminati may lay claim that they can it, also it might be accepted that it's of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe may be the indication of the perfected soul making its flight to the origin of their creation within the Elysian fields beyond.”
-Swinburne, Clymer, The Rosicrucians Their Teachings

masoniclodge2Which means this ancient mystical and magical symbol representing the perfected soul has adorned entrances for millenniums and continues to be used for the similar purpose. Here’s the winged sun utilized on Rosicrucian and Masonic structures:

The winged sun suspended within the Worshipful Master’s throne within the Egyptian room of the Masonic Temple Grand Lodge

Because the wings would be the way of transportation from the perfected soul, this symbol has been utilized within the automotive industry.

The Vesica Piscis

This ancient symbol may be the shape created by two interlocking circles and belongs to sacred geometry. “Piscis” refers that the center section resembles a seafood (piscies). Its mystical meaning happens to be shrouded in mystery but many agree that it's designed to represent the female principle – the “vulva from the Goddess”.

“The Vesica Piscis, two interconnected circles, is also called “the Yoni”. The title “yoni” refers back to the middle area of the interlocking circles, comes from the Sanskrit meaning, “divine passage”. The yoni may be the feminine, the yoni ought to be seen so that the divine passage turns into a correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is primarily the correlation, and it is regards to rebirth and regrowth that continues to be a fundamental truth in the very core of Occult structural fundamentals.”
John Yarker, The Arcane Schools

Early Christianity frequently symbolized Christ in the Vesica Piscis, representing the womb from the Virgin and/or even the gateway towards the celestial world.

The vesica piscis also offers an essential meaning in Freemasonry:

“The vesica is “a universal exponent of architecture or Masonry, and also the original source or fountain that its signs and symbols are derived— it constituted the truly amazing and long lasting key to our ancient brethren”
-George Oliver, Discrepancies of Masonry

Albert G. Mackey talks about using the vesica at the begining of Masonry:

“As an emblem, it had been frequently employed like a chapel decoration through the Freemasons from the Dark Ages. The closes of schools, abbeys, along with other religious towns, too by ecclesiastical persons, were almost always made from this shape. Hence, in mention of religious character from the Institution, it's been recommended the closes of Masonic Lodges also needs to obtain that form, rather than the circular one now used.”
Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

We are able to visit a typical utilisation of the vesica on the masonic seal:

Seal of Academia lodge #847

Most likely due to its connection to sexuality, the vesica can be used by clothing companies it is also utilized by other brands

To Summarize

This is actually the to begin a number of articles in regards to the occult symbols in logos. I didn't start most abundant in apparent or even the most scandalous ones, but they're great good examples from the depth of esoteric meaning in popular culture. What's the reason for placing occult symbols in logos? Could it be an arrogant display of energy through the elite or a method to celebrate Mystery Religions? Esoteric students affirm that symbols have deep reaching magical effects around the public:

“It is famous the Unconscious, whether personal or collective works by way of pictures or images, speech as being a comparatively recent development. […] Miracle […] talks towards the subconscious of guy with the archaic pictures of its symbols and traditions, and therefore produces individuals “changes in subconscious” that the magician seeks.”

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