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September 19, 2015
Masonic Freemason Symbols

The Freemasons use a myriad of symbols to represent the practices and values of the order. A number of these Masonic symbols result from the masonry trade and also the Christian Bible.

Scythe and shapely: The scythe would be to help remind Masons from the ever-present danger of dying that awaits all of us. Such as the scythe, the shapely is definitely an emblem of mortality.

The Pythagorean theorem: Probably the most helpful mathematical equation to be used within the building trade, the Pythagorean theorem was among the greatest strategies of the first stonemasons.

Jacob’s ladder: Within the book of Genesis, Jacob imagined he saw a ladder stretching from Earth to paradise, and angels rose up and lower it. In Masonry, the ladder is referred to as getting three primary steps, representing belief, hope, and charitable organisation. Other steps include temperance, fortitude, discretion, and justice.

Taken together, these steps would be the guiding benefits of Freemasonry.

Anchor and ark: Within the lectures of Masonry, the anchor and also the ark are combined as indicating a properly-spent existence. The anchor stands for hope, and also the ark (like Noah’s boat) is definitely an emblem of belief.

Sun, eye, moon, and stars: These images are combined to explain God, whom the sun's rays, the moon, and also the stars obey. The sun's rays and moon will also be to help remind the officials from the lodge to control the lodge with regularity.

Lamb and lambskin apron: Moreso than every other other symbol, the lambskin apron may be the universal badge of the Mason. Apron, girdles, or sashes have made an appearance throughout history as indicating recognition, piety, or achievement.

Slipper: This can be a symbol relevant towards the way candidates are ready for that levels. The Masonic explanation develops from a Hebrew custom of getting rid of one’s shoe and providing it to some neighbor to close a contract, like a commitment of recognition and truthfulness.

Point inside a circle and parallel lines: This small symbol is among the most confounding images in Freemasonry — nobody can tell what it really means. It is a circle, having a point in the centre. On the top from the circle is really a Bible or Amount of Sacred Law. On each side from the circle are a couple of parallel lines.

Pot of incense: Incense isn't typically burned inside a Masonic lodge, however the indication of a pot of incense can be used being an allegory for any pure heart (the pot or censer) and also the hopes that arise from this to paradise, represented through the clouds of rising smoke.

Beehive: Bees have lengthy been symbolic of effort and working together. Towards the Mason, the beehive is particularly fascinating, since the honeycomb is an ideal geometric structure.

Plumb: A tool having a string along with a weight at the end (known as a plumb bob) to assist a workman determine whether a vertical wall or surface is level. The plumb line always suggests both the middle of our planet and also to the celebs. It's symbolic of justice, rectitude, uprightness, equity, and truth.

Level: A structure tool like the plumb, the amount measures the levelness of horizontal surfaces. It reminds Masons that they’re all living their lives upon the amount of time.


The letter G: This letter signifies the first of God, or even the Grand Architect from the World, in addition to geometry, the foundation of Freemasonry’s roots. Joining together the idea of God with geometry is a means of hooking up the spiritual world towards the physical world.

Five-pointed star: 5-pointed star is yet another emblem associated with God.

Naked heart and also the sword: The center includes a sword pointing into it, as the indicating God look lower previously mentioned. The center and also the sword represent justice.

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