3RD degree of Masonry

May 10, 2015
The Festive Board

Probably the most relevant reason a Master Mason should advance past the third degree would be to complete his Masonic education. The Symbolic Lodge, as existing within this country today, uses only a part of that which was initially considered the entire teachings from the Lodge. In your discover the 3 levels of Symbolic Masonry and as you've learned the proficiency lecture for every degree, without doubt many questions have come to light in regards to the concept of the ritualistic events, the historic implications and also the ‘why’ from the stories of Freemasonry.

Like a Master Mason, you'll recall that particular things were left undiscovered while you made your travels around the Temple of Solomon. The You are able to Rite is the only method of finding the thing that was lost, and discloses towards the candidate, inside a most impressive manner, the real character of his responsibilities toward God, his neighbor and themself. The companionship and camaraderie that are established from our Symbolic Lodge, are further increased and overflowing through the additional light uncovered to every person in the You are able to Rite.

Although a lot of erudite brethren have delved in to the background and mysteries of Freemasonry nobody has up to now determined the precise time the fraternity came from or where it first came to exist.

Many believe the Sublime Amount of Master Mason is the ultimate amount of Freemasonry which others are added and explanatory. Most students of Freemasonry agree the story from the Craft as presented within the three levels is incomplete which the levels offered within the You are able to Rite of Freemasonry complete the storyline and answer most of the questions within the mind from the recently made Master Mason.

The Grand Lodge of You are able to, in 1813, gave its sanction towards the working of 5 separate Levels, or Orders, the following:

“ It's declared and pronounced that pure and Ancient Craft Masonry includes three levels with no more, namely individuals of Joined Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason, such as the Holy Royal Arch.” it futher added, “this information is not meant to prevent any Lodge or Chapter from holding conferences most of the levels of Chivalry, based on the Metabolic rate of stated Order.”

For instance, in England the Grand Master from the Grand Lodge can also be known as the mind from the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. In lots of areas a few of the levels here conferred through the appendant physiques are conferred through the Symbolic Lodge. Around the United States Region the appendant system or rite known to because the You are able to Rite includes extra levels adding to the job from the Lodge. Fundamental essentials levels conferred through the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, the Council of Cryptic Masons, and also the Commandery of Knights in combat Templar.

What's The You are able to RITE?

The You are able to Rite includes the Symbolic Lodge, that is of You are able to origin the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons the Council of Cryptic Masons and also the Commandery of Knights in combat Temple.

The Lodge shows from the LOST WORD, the Chapter shows from the DISCOVERY from the WORD, the Council shows from the Upkeep from the WORD, and also the COMMANDERY binds the Christian benefits of the commitment of growing old within the growing story, thus rounding the STORY from the WORD.

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