November 18, 2015

There's been a lot of debate recently in regards to the indication of the skull and crossbones and whether or not this ought to be regarded as like a legitimate Masonic emblem. This information is an effort to show this symbol is definitely authentic in the Masonic association, for this both covers and discloses genuine mysteries relating to the Craft.

Thinking about the truth that the skull and crossbones continue being a typical accessory for chambers of reflection and third degree tracing boards of numerous Masonic areas in addition to a prominent feature inside the Templar and Kadosh Levels from the You are able to and Scottish Rituals, it might appear in my experience the symbol's authenticity is, when the readers allows the parlance, a "given, " but regrettably for a lot of Masons, the bond between your apparently macabre emblem from the skull and crossbones and our gentle Craft is a which remains hidden in what in most probability are merely and naturally the shadows that belongs to them ill-founded fears and various insecurities. The association from the indication of the skull and crossbones with notions of piracy and poison has without doubt left many Masons desirous of distancing themselves and even the Fraternity from all of these and other alike emblems.

Reminder Mori.1 It's natural to fear dying, but we as Masons are trained to see that unavoidable moment less something to dread but instead because the motivating element in achieving our very own work and duty as males so that as Masons.

"The contaminants [from the shapely] run quickly, and, for aught we all know, using the passing of one of these you or I shall die. It's uncertain. We ought to notneglect a minute, butdo all we are able to do in order to the truly amazing finish to be really happy. For we shall die, as well as in the grave there's no working. There's no device, no understanding, no pardon there."2

Because of this we're given a sobering indication each time we've the fortune to sit down in Lodge throughout the raising of the fellow from the Craft towards the Sublime Amount of Master Mason or throughout the Knighting of the Mason like a Templar or Dark night Kadosh that dying is definitely near which it might come from anywhere and then any time, no matter the individual or persons involved.

Whether it is within the chamber of reflection within the areas where the first is allowed or needed, the tracing board from the Master Mason degree, the Knighting ceremony from the Order from the Temple within the You are able to Rite or even the Knights in combat Kadosh Degree within the Ancient and Recognized Scottish Rite from the Southern Jurisdiction, what stands because the primary indication from the harsh truth that dying is ever imminent may be the chilling human skull and crossbones. However, the symbol also offers an esoteric application that is equally or even more profound in the relevance.

We shall begin our explanation beginning with concentrating on the Masonic value of the death's mind or human skull. In the book, Low Magick, Brother Lon Milo DuQuette half-amusingly mentioned concerning the mechanism of ritual work and ceremonial miracle that "[i]t's all inside your headyou simply have no clue how large your mind is." Based on one 1700s Masonic expose, Brother DuQuette is completely right. In Samuel Pritchard's Masonry Dissected we come across the next dialogue:

Q. Perhaps you have any Answer to [the Secrets within the Lodge]?
A. Yes.
Q. Where would you ensure that it stays?
A. Inside a Bone Bone Box that neither opens nor shuts however with Ivory Secrets.
Q. Will it hang or will it lie?
A. It dangles.
Q. Exactly what does it hang by?
A. A Tow-Line 9 inches or perhaps a Span.
Q. What Metal could it be of?
A. No types of Metal whatsoever however a Tongue of excellent Report is really as good behind a Brother's Back as before his Face.

- N.B. The bottom line is the Tongue, the Bone Bone Box one's teeth, the Tow-Line the rooftop from the Mouth.3

An identical exchange, showing up within the Sloane Manuscript, brought historian Tobias Churton to declare outright that indeed "the Lodge is incorporated in the mind."4 This indicates the Lodge, furniture, ornaments, and officials may have the ability to their reflection inside the make-from guy. Sufi-inspired Russian mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff, offered an identical teaching. Based on Gurdjieff, every guy, similar to an ideal Lodge, comes with an internal sevenfold metabolic rate that they called the "Seven Males." This notion isn't unlike the Theosophical teaching in regards to the septenary character from the soul of guy, an interpretation that has, because the occult revival from the 1800s, consistently been extended by authors for example Macho P. Hall, J. S. M. Ward, and W. L. Wilmshurst towards the seven officials which constitute an ideal Lodge.

"[M]an, the seven-fold being, is easily the most valued of all of the Creator's works, and therefore it is also the Lodge has seven principle officials, which a lodge, to become perfect, requires the existence of seven brethren although the much deeper concept of this phrase would be that the individual guy, in virtue of his seven-fold metabolic rate, in themself comprises the "perfect lodge, " if he'll but know themself and evaluate their own character aright."5

More lately, in the formidable book, Freemasonry: Symbols, Secrets, Significance, W. Kirk McNulty applied a decidedly Jungian means to fix the issue of Masonic ritual, placing the Lodge, candidate, and officials squarely and nicely inside the conscious and unconscious mind that's, within the mind.

The crossbones also provide an intriguing Masonic application. Within the recommendations supplied by the Grand Lodge of Colorado for applying and performing an effective chamber of reflection, Masons are informed that "[t]he crossbones will also be an indication in the support beams, the portico of guy where he or she must stand because he labors within the quarry."6 As Matthew C. Pelham, Sr. shown in the thought invoking article "Searching for additional Light within the Meaning from the Skull and Crossbones, " the association between your crossbones, which are always built using human femurs or thighbones, and also the two support beams from the Temple, stems without doubt in the verse in Song of Solomon which announces inside a moving hymn to Deity that "His legs are as support beams."7 Still, there's another similarity between your support beams from the Masonic Lodge and someone's (or, more particularly, something's) legs that is so absolutely striking which i dare not neglect to bring it up.

skulls and bones vs freemasons
skulls and bones vs freemasons
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