Highest level of Freemasonry

August 26, 2015

I'll most likely get hell with this, but it is something I have been kicking around for a little. I am fed up with each one of these conspiracy advocates happening about nameless, faceless "higher levelInch Masons. You realize, those who allegedly control the NWO? Individuals reptilians? Yeah. Them.

Yet I have never witnessed anybody really perform the work or follow-through around the subject, so I decided to finally expose what they're searching for.

You will find individuals who think that 33° Scottish Rite Masons should be "greater level" or "more knowledgable" than "low-levelInch Masons, the kind of which publish here. This type of notion continues to be proven to be wrong many occasions here, and so i will not enter in the misconceptions from it. However for individuals who seriously think that, this can be a next logical step.

Yes. There's a pyramid structure within the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction. You will find 32° Masons, then Dark night Commander from the Court of Honor (KCCH), then 33° - Inspector General Honorary. Above that, you have the townOrlocal heads (Personal Associated with the Sovereign Grand Inspector General), the condition heads (Sovereign Grand Inspector General), the final Council a.k.a “The Supreme Council (Mother Council around the globe) from the Personnel General Knights in combat Commander of the home from the Temple of Solomon from the Thirty-third amount of the traditional and Recognized Scottish Rite of Freemasonry from the Southern Jurisdiction from the Usa.”, and lastly, the large boss, the Sovereign Grand Commander.

Ronald Seale, Sovereign Grand Commander
Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction

“It's the fact you shouldn't trust anyone who wears a bow tie. Cravat's designed to point lower to intensify the genital area. Why'd you wanna trust somebody whose tie highlights to intensify his ears?” — David Mamet, Condition and MainSo, from a technical perspective, this person is most likely the one of the, otherwise the greatest ranking Mason on the planet.

Granted, the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction is just 35 from the 50 states. But nonetheless, he has got 500Thousand+ Masons under him, so when he states "Jump" they'll say "How high?" or "Would you speak up? My hearing aide battery died." or "I can not, due to my knee/stylish alternative!"

The interesting bit...

Because every Scottish Rite Mason should be a Mason in good waiting in a normal Blue Lodge, and Ronald Seale's home lodge is within Louisiana, and since all Blue Lodges must response to the Grand Lodge of the condition, the greatest ranking Mason on the planet might be removed of his Masonic membership by J. F. "Shaun" Webb, the Grand Master from the Grand Lodge of Louisiana anytime, unconditionally, making that position (right now) probably the most effective Mason on the planet. (12 months, chosen term, chosen through the people from the lodges in Louisiana.)

J. F. “Jeff” Webb, Grand Master of Louisiana

Now, if you want anyone to blame, you've names &lifier faces. Forget about speculation needed.
Proof that Freemasonry is a Religion
Proof that Freemasonry is a Religion
The Structure of Freemasonry Poster
The Structure of Freemasonry Poster
Israel founded by Jesuit controlled High Level Freemasonry
Israel founded by Jesuit controlled High Level Freemasonry
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