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October 10, 2015
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The MBBFMN was created through the late Right Worshipful Brother Allen E. Roberts, of the very most respected masonic authors and scientists from the twentieth century. Shortly before his dying in 1997 he switched the MBBFMN to his boy, Brother Ken Roberts, to carry on operating it simply because he tried since its formation.

For lists of individuals who've been granted the Masonic Brotherhood from the Blue Forget-Me-Not, see

If anybody has any queries concerning the MBBFMN, or really wants to nominate anyone to receive this award (please browse the standards below), please contact the following brethren:

Brother Paul M. Bessel paulb'at'

The next details about the MBBFMN was supplied by Chris Dains, and it was initially compiled by Allen E. Roberts:

The Masonic Brotherhood from the Blue Forget-Me-Not
by Allen E. Roberts, FPS

A Reason

The Masonic Brotherhood from the Blue Forget-Me-Not was formally created on The month of january 1, 1972. It had been the outgrowth of years of discussions among prominent and anxious Masonic teachers and authors.

These males were worried about the possible lack of recognition of individuals Masons who have been dedicating their lives and assets to Masonic education and writing. It made an appearance, appropriately or wrongly, the plaudits from the leadership from the Craft were restricted to the numerous Masonic ritualists. Others made an appearance to become overlooked.

The Society of Blue Friars honors one Masonic author every year, others need to wait. Masonic teachers, in general, are overlooked. Yet these Master Masons would be the males who're maintaining your body of Freemasonry alive and vital. They should be honored for some reason through the Craft. The Masonic Brotherhood from the Blue Forget-Me-Not is trying to provide them very good that they're so highly titled.

The recipient is judged by a small group of Masonic authors and teachers before he's selected for membership within the Brotherhood. His persistence for the entire of Freemasonry and the fellowman determines his qualifications. This Award can't be bought. His title should be presented by part of the Brotherhood, then pass a unanimous ballot from the membership commission.

You will find no costs or dues compensated through the recipient. In each and every sense, membership within the Brotherhood is definitely an Award for un-selfish plan to Freemasonry and mankind.

The certificate, stationery, and pin specified for by Allen E. Roberts, the Secretary, who also (before his dying) soaks up the price from the Brotherhood. He is doing it while he pictures the dwelling, or Body, of Freemasonry by doing this:

Ritual = Skelton (or framework)
Meaning = Heart and brains
Benevolence = Soul
Philosophy = Blood stream
Jurisprudence = Muscles
History = Flesh (or binder)

The ritual, while important, includes only one-sixth from the whole. Every thing about this Body should be nourished or it will likely be crippled. Your Body, in general, has what the earth has always needed, and just what still it needs today. BUT, it should be an entire, uncrippled, Body. This is exactly what is way too frequently overlooked

Freemasonry doesn’t have to change. Its belief within the Brotherhood of Guy underneath the Fatherhood of God can't be enhanced upon. What we should should do would be to treat your body once we should. Then, once more, Freemasonry is a vital and important pressure within our towns and also the world.

That's why we think about the Brotherhood from the Blue Forget-Me-Less an essential association in the human body of Freemasonry.

Errol Feldman provided the next information:
The Brotherhood began to acknowledge individuals Freemasons who've labored mainly within the area of Masonic education. Including writing and the rest of the facets that bring light to individuals who might well be left in darkness. Individuals couple of selected are instructors who've assisted people from the Craft become devoted Master Masons. Only readers who're considered worthy leaders within this area through the membership commission from the Brotherhood are selected with this...

9ct Yellow Gold Forget me not Masonic Ring with Enamel
9ct Yellow Gold Forget me not Masonic Ring with Enamel
The Story Behind the Forget-Me-Not
The Story Behind the Forget-Me-Not
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