Freemasonry in the United States

September 25, 2015
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Masons were surely active in the central growth and development of the U . s . States. Most Masons today can are proud of the truth that their special brotherhood had much related to the establishment from the Usa, if this found developing a structured military pressure round the 13 separate colonies. It's well realize that Washington made many appointments with the different condition lodges preceding the newest War, searching for support from his fellow lodge people. George Washington known as on his Mason friends in creating the very first adhesive potential to deal with the British government. If it was not for Freemasonry in early 1700s, then possibly the Revolution will not have occurred.

Not because Masons lead the movement, speculate the Mason lodge structure of this time permitted for that implementation of free thought to add mass to a structured military.

  • But, did Washington make use of the Masons from the 18th century to assist establish the united states for that good from the public, or the great of another person?
  • Would be the Square and Compass along with other symbols only at Freemasonry?
  • Were these symbols established simply to praise the efforts of Freemasonry within the establishment from the U . s . States, in order to praise another thing?

Freemasonry in 1791, because it is today, seems to become much more of a social organization than the usual political order. It's reasonable to consider that lots of its people were unaware of the organization’s political influences within the 1700s. If the wasn't so, then surely our current history books might have placed Freemasonry like a political pressure in the usa within the late 18th century. Publicity wasn't their method to a method, but instead secrecy and organization around certain values.

The important thing factor to keep in mind about Freemasonry is it was an Worldwide Organization within the 1700s, not only a united states Organization. Three hundred years ago, the primary regulating physiques of Freemasonry were in Scotland, France, and England. The guy taking credit for planning Washington, D.C. would be a Frenchman. It's ironic to consider the edgy colonies that separated themselves from England, were developed round the values of Freemason supporters with mother lodges from England and Scotland. Therefore if Washington, D.C. was organized to do some kind of Freemasonry function in order to commemorate this organization, it remember an Worldwide Organization.

Possibly the forces that underline Freemasonry often leads us with other key elements within the establishment from the Washington Street Lines. You will find other organizations connected with Freemasonry which were began outdoors the U . s . States. Both Washington and Jefferson happen to be associated with a number of these organizations.


At 1733 16th Street N.W., at S. Street sits the Temple from the Scottish Rite Supreme Council. The temple museum houses the biggest assortment of artefacts of Freemasonry on the planet. Top of the grades of initiation from the Scottish Rite Order of Freemasonry are regarded as the low levels from the Prieure p Sion initiation.


Like several jackets of arms, the Arms of Freemasons demonstrates in symbols the concepts behind their Order. The double bald eagle may be the indication of the Scottish Rite. The state portrait of George Washington displayed in the Whitened House shows the double bald eagle around the leg on the table alongside Washington. Exactly the same double bald eagle are available around the flag inside a second portrait of Washington. This would confirm George Washington’s affiliation with Freemasonry, particularly the Scottish Rite.


Spot the drawing from the Ark from the Covenant towards the top of the crest. Can there be some hidden reason for Freemasonry associated with the Ark from the Covenant?


Each of the next portraits of George Washington show the double headed bald eagle of Freemasonry. The very first portrait is displayed within the Whitened House. Washington’s arm reaches the position from the rising moon.

His sword reaches the position from the winter solstice. The palm of his hands shows the map. The table leg has got the double-headed bald eagle, using the leg designed following a Caduceus.

Cure uses these symbols aside from the Masons? Already, we've pointed out that lots of the road symbols could be connected using the traditions utilized in the miracle from the Golden Beginning. It so happens the Freemasons and also the Golden Beginning are branches of the identical secret communities.

A few of these communities had both Washington and Jefferson among their membership. Almost all of these communities have a similar factor in keeping — exactly the same kinds of mysterious symbols within the Washington Line Complex.



The Royal Masonic Cyclopedia includes twelve ideas towards the roots from the Mason order.

“(1) In the pateiachs

(2) In the mysteries from the pagans

(3) From the making of Solomon's Temple

(4) In the Crusades

(5) In the Knights in combat Templars

(6) In the Roman Collegia of Artifiers

(7) In the operative masons from the Dark Ages

(8) In the Rosicrucians from the sixteenth century

(9) From Oliver Cromwell

(10) From Cost Charles Stuart for political reasons

(11) From Mister. Christopher Wren, at regarding St. Paul’s

(12) From Dr. Desaguliers and the buddies in 1717.”

Within the book Secret Communities, the roots of Freemasonry is tracked to 2 possible sources. These being:

1. Professional building guilds and builder.
2. Secret groups staring at the philosophy of existence.

The very first provides the type of the business and also the second offers the theory. To this day, Freemasons would be the working class holding to key concepts that leave a fruitful existence. In hearing aid technology roots of Freemasonry, we are able to find its past in most of the following organizations. Though Freemasonry isn't a continuation from the other choose Orders, it seems Freemasonry has adopted most of the same traditions and symbols connected together.

Masonry seems to become much more of a copycat than an inventor. Thus, when the Washington Line Complex was created to represent Freemasonry, it also signifies the of numerous other secret communities.


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