Freemasonry in Washington DC

July 6, 2016
Rite of Freemasonry

Our fraternity includes a wealthy history, which goes back greater than three centuries. It is among the world's earliest secular fraternities, a society of males worried about moral and spiritual values. Founded around the a trio of concepts of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, it aims to create together males of goodwill, no matter background variations.

Nearly 3 million males are Freemasons within the U . s . States today, which another two million worldwide, and also the amounts are increasing. Freemasonry are available in nearly every country around the globe and it is highly visible in nearly every major historic occurrence within the U . s . States in the Revolutionary War towards the lounging from the Capitol cornerstone.
Freemasonry is available to any guy no matter race, religion, nationality, social status or wealth as lengthy because they hold a belief inside a supreme being and also have good moral character. Freemasonry doesn't hinder responsibilities that the guy owes to his God, his country, his neighbors or his family. It will help a great guy be a better guy, father, husband, brother or boy.

The fundamental qualifications for admission are that you're a guy, of 18 years or older, and also have a belief inside a Supreme Being. Should you meet these qualifications, we advise you find out about Freemasonry, here on our website and elsewhere, and consult with a member of the family, friend, or any other person you realize to become a member. He might have the ability to provide helpful information for you concerning the Fraternity that will assist you decide whether you want to pursue membership. He might also have the ability to recommend a number of lodges that meet where you live, a treadmill particularly suitable for your candidacy.

Individuals wanting to participate Freemasonry must request an associate. Freemasons don't solicit people. You have to approach a Freemason or Masonic lodge by yourself accord to be able to be looked at for that levels of Freemasonry.

To understand more about Freemasonry and Masonic Lodges in Washington, Electricity

Whenever you talk with a lodge or with part of a lodge, you might be asked to a number of occasions, where your people from the lodge may have the chance to become familiar with one another. If you'd like to enroll in a lodge, you might request an associate for any petition to become started into Freemasonry. After posting a petition, you'll consult committee of people from the lodge, who'll make recommendation towards the lodge relating to your candidacy.

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