Secret handshakes of the Masons

November 27, 2015
This a Masonic Handshake?

The Mormons are Freemasons in the greatest levels. Individuals Mormons who become card transporting Temple people make use of exactly the same handshakes to feed their “sacred” veil. They have to perform these handshakes that they call “Tokens” and speak your password to pass through in to the greater teachings. The funny factor is, just how can a Mormon think these things are real when just before developing the Mormon chapel what could they possibly do in order to satisfy the needs of salvation? Shall we be to think that just before the Mormon belief that souls were just lost? Is the fact that why they baptize their forefathers in absentia simply because they believe they weren't born with the opportunity to believe so using a proxy they're just fulfilling the things they might have done had they resided after Mormonism found be?

So, do you know the Masonic handshakes and Mormon handshakes /Tokens?

Freemasonry ritual

The traditions are basically obtained from nowhere levels of Freemasonry..

Ex-33rd degree Mason Tom McKenney describes on-page 183 in the book ‘Tell me please..’

It wasn't lengthy after Frederick Cruz grew to become an expert Mason he got the ‘revelation’ for that secret temple ceremony. The traditions from the Mormon temple are extremely much like individuals from the Blue Lodge that there might be without doubt that Frederick lifted the majority of it from the traditions from the lodge. A lot of things are alike, however a couple of good examples will suffice. Elements apparently stolen by Frederick Cruz range from the presentation and putting on of the apron, whispering of ‘secret’ information ‘on 5 points of fellowship (i.e. feet to feet, knee to knee, breast to breast, hands to back, mouth to ear), commonalities within the oaths of obligation, the penalties and penalty signs for every, and also the meaning from the square and compass, which should be embroidered in significant places on their own ‘magic’ under garments.
Masonic signs utilized in Mormon temple ritual.From ‘Christ, the Christian and Freemasonry’ by W J McCormick)
Yvonne Kitchen, on-page 170 of her ministry manual ‘Freemasonry. Dying within the family’ lists the next commonalities with Freemasonry..
  • The all seeing eye
  • The putting on from the apron using the square and compass
  • 5 points of fellowship
  • The special grasps and handshakes
  • Star and sun symbols
  • Penalties decided to under oath
  • The throat slitting sign
  • The eliminating from the heart
The favourite of Mormon aphorisms declares “As guy now's God was previously as God now's, guy may become” This really is again masonic thought. Manley P Hall. [33rd degree Mason] on-page 92 of ‘Lost secrets of Freemasonry’ authored, “Man is God within the making..”Mormonism and Freemasonry will always be inextricably linked in the leadership level.

Not just were Frederick Cruz and the brother Hyrum Masons, but so was Smith’s successor Brigham Youthful. Ought to be fact, the very first five presidents from the Mormon chapel (its first five ‘living prophets’) were Masons. – Tom McKenney ‘Tell me please..’ Page 183

All ‘apostolic’ successors since (Youthful) happen to be Freemasons. Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, Frederick Fielding Cruz, and Herbert Grant. Masonic membership continues to be essential for people from the Mormon Church’s ‘apostolic’ hierarchy. Based on Tom McKinney, co-author from the Deadly Deceptiveness, the Mormon hierarchy should be people from the Masonic Blue Lodge. In Scottish Rite Masonry highlighted, Dr. J. Blanchard states of Mormonism and Masonry: “The two institutions are morally and legally the same” – John Daniel, ‘Scarlet and also the Beast’ page 42, volume 1

This is exactly what Mormons are trained:

Could it be secret or sacred?

Instructions provided by Frederick Cruz:

Two Sided Masonic Apron
The Secret Handshake[Summer Of 98]
The Secret Handshake[Summer Of 98]
The Secret Handshake
The Secret Handshake
Secret Handshake
Secret Handshake
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