Symbols of Freemasonry by Beresniak

February 3, 2018

Freemasons depend heavily upon the architectural meaning of the medieval namesakes who really labored in stone. Certainly one of their principal symbols may be the “square and compasses”, so arranged as to create a quadrilateral. The square may also be stated to represent matter, and also the compasses spirit or mind. Alternatively, the square may be stated to represent the field of the concrete, or even the way of measuring objective reality, as the compasses represent abstraction, or subjective judgment, and so on. Freemasonry being non-dogmatic, there's no written-in-stone interpretation for these symbols. The compasses straddle the square, representing the interdependence backward and forward. Within the space backward and forward, there's optionally placed symbolic of metaphysical significance. Sometimes, this can be a blazing star or any other indication of Light, representing Truth or understanding. Alternatively, there's frequently instructions “G” placed there, usually stated to represent “the Grand Architect from the World and/or Geometry”.

The square and compasses are displayed whatsoever Masonic conferences, together with outdoors “Volume from the Sacred Law or Lore” (VSL). In British-speaking nations, this may be a Bible, but it may be whatever book of inspiration or scripture the people of the particular Lodge or jurisdiction feel they draw on–whether the Bible, the Quran or perhaps a book of philosophy. Inside a couple of cases, an empty book has been utilized, in which the religious makeup of the Lodge was too diverse allowing a simple selection of VSL. Additionally to the role denoting written knowledge and inspiration, the VSL symbol is exactly what Masonic obligations are sworn on.

All Lodges underneath the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free &lifier Recognized Masons of Utah, make use of the King James Bible because the VSL throughout your regular Business, as well as in Frequent lowering and raising a Lodge. However, if your Candidate for any Degree isn't Christian, they might use their VSL where to consider their Obligation.

A lot of Masonic meaning is mathematical/geometrical in character. Freemasons thus possess a inclination to see the metaphysics from the world as heavily tied into geometrical concepts.

Consistent with the geometrical and architectural theme of Freemasonry, the final Being or God, or Creative Principle may also be also known to in Masonic ritual as “the Great Geometrician”, or even the “Great (or Grand) Architect (or Artificer) from the Universe”. Freemasons use a number of labels with this concept, frequently abbreviated “G.A.O.T.U.”, to be able to avoid the concept that they're speaking about anyone religion’s particular God or God-like concept.

You will find three “degrees” of Freemasonry: (1) Joined Apprentice, (2) Fellowcraft and (3) Master Mason. One works through each degree by getting involved in a ritual, basically a Medieval Morality Play, by which one plays a job, together with people from the Lodge. The setting is regarding the Temple of Solomon. The Temple as alluded to in Masonic Ritual can automatically get to represent the “temple” of the baby individual, a persons community, or from the entire world.

As you works with the levels, one studies the training and translates them for yourself. You will find as numerous methods to interpret the traditions as you will find Masons, with no Mason may dictate holiday to a Mason how he's to interpret them. The symbols, and also the training they train, helps each Mason in visiting their own conclusions to life’s important questions.

Mozart would be a Freemason, and the opera, The Miracle Flute, makes extensive utilization of Masonic meaning. Two books that provide an over-all sense of the meaning and it is interpretation are:

  • “Freemasonry: An Outing Through Ritual and Symbol” by W.K. MacNulty, Thames &lifier Hudson, London, 1991.
  • “Symbols of Freemasonry” by D. Beresniak and L. Hamani, Assouline, Paris, 2000.

A manifestation frequently utilized in Masonic circles is “to perform the square” meaning to become a reliable kind of person, another phrase from Freemasonry in keeping usage is “on the level”, or even more generally progressing with someone.

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