Masons third degree

February 15, 2018

Workmanship beautified and embellished the temple."

"The number of have there been used in regarding King Solomon's Temple?"

Ans. "Three Grand Masters, 3, 000 3 hundred Masters, or overseers from the work, 80 1000 Fellow Crafts, and 70 1000 Joined Apprentices all individuals were categorised and arranged in this manner through the knowledge of Solomon that neither envy, discord nor confusion were experienced to destroy that universal peace and tranquillity that pervaded the work on that important period."

"The number of comprises an Joined Apprentice lodge?"

Ans. "Seven one Master and 6 Joined Apprentices."

"The direction they usually meet?"

Ans. "On the floor floor of King Solomon's Temple."

"The number of constitute another Craft's lodge?"

Ans. "Five two Masters and three Fellow Crafts."

Ans. "In the centre chamber of King Solomon's Temple."

"The number of constitute a Masters lodge?"

Ans. "Three Master Masons."

Ans. "Within the Sanctum Sanctorum, or holy of holies of King Solomon's Temple."

"Perhaps you have any emblems about this degree?"

Ans. "We've several, that are split into two classes."

"Do you know the top class?Inch

Ans. "The pot of incense, the bee-hive, it of constitutions, guarded through the Tyler's sword, the sword pointing to some naked heart, the all-seeing eye, the anchor and ark, the forty-seventh problem of Euclid, the hour-glass, the scythe, and also the three steps usually delineated around the Masters carpet, that are thus described: The pot of incense is definitely an emblem of the pure heart, that is always a suitable sacrifice towards the Deity and, because this lights up with fervent warmth, so should our hearts constantly glow with gratitude towards the great and beneficent Author in our existence for that manifold benefits and conveniences we love. The bee-hive is definitely an emblem of industry, and suggests the concept of that virtue to any or all produced creatures, in the greatest seraph in paradise towards the

cheapest reptile from the dust. It shows us that, once we arrived to the planet rational and intelligent creatures, therefore we should be hands on ones, never seated contented while our fellow-animals around us have been in want, when it's within our energy to alleviate them without inconvenience to ourselves. Whenever we have a survey of character, we behold guy, in the infancy, more helpless and indigent compared to brute creation he lies languishing for several days, days, several weeks and years, totally not capable of supplying nutrition for themself of protecting from the attacks from the wild monsters from the area, or sheltering themself in the inclemencies from the weather. It could have pleased the truly amazing Creator of paradise and earth to possess made guy separate from other creatures, but, as dependence is among the most powerful bonds of society, mankind were created determined by one another for defense and security, because they therefore enjoy better possibilities of fulfilling the responsibilities of reciprocal love and friendship. Thus was guy created for social and active existence, the noblest area of the work of God, and that he which will so demean themself, as to not be trying to increase the most popular stock of understanding and understanding, might be considered a drone within the hive of character, a useless person in society, and not worthy in our protection as Masons.

It of constitutions, guarded through the Tyler's sword, reminds us that you should be ever careful and guarded within our ideas, words, and actions, specially when prior to the opponents of Masonry, ever bearing in remembrance individuals truly Masonic benefits, silence and circumspection. The sword pointing to some naked heart, shows that justice will eventually overtake us and even though our ideas, words and actions might be hidden in the eye of guy yet that-seeing eye, whom the sun's rays, moon and stars obey, and under whose careful care even comets perform their stupendous revolutions, pervades the inmost recesses from the human heart, and can reward us based on our merits. The anchor and ark, are emblems of the well grounded hope along with a wisely spent existence. They're emblematical of this Divine ark which securely wafts us over this tempestuous ocean of troubles, which anchor which shall securely moor us inside a peaceful harbor, in which the wicked cease from troubling, and also the weary shall find relaxation.

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