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August 20, 2018
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The Traditional Mystery from the Skull Cup
For whatever reason, a lot of us just appear to understand the response to all of our searching questions regarding time, the world, and existence after dying might be clarified by our very own minds, which almost peculiar situation continues to be with mankind for 1000's of years.

Guy looked within themself for that solutions but guy found them. Here, within this short piece, I really hope to relay a few of the amazing indicating that searching and reveal the hidden meanings behind probably the most enigmatic objects and pictures in history. This chapter will focus on probably the most profound of symbols employed by secret communities - the skull.

Before I move ahead in to the skull I have to focus on the energy that's allegedly elevated towards it and that was and it is thought to infuse it with energy - the kundalini.

The kundalini, in a single form or any other, can be found in just about all secret communities - whether or not they realize it or otherwise. It's the core foundation of the power and centered self they talk about. Without it “energy” they'd don't have any smart masters seeing visions or entering trance states. There'd be no “mystical” enlightenment.

This kundalini may be the serpent energy within, the hidden energy inside everyone - approximately we're told.

She, the subtlest from the subtle, holds within herself the Mystery of creation, by her radiance, it's stated, the world is illumined, eternal understanding awakened and liberation achieved. She keeps all creatures around the globe by way of inspiration and expiration.

(Serpent Energy, Arthur Avalon, 1919)

The kundalini should be roused by one having a effective, willful, and controlled mind.

She must be considered a skilled builder - this, like Masonry, is the opportunity to unify the physical using the mental. A real adept can master this art and lift the female coiled serpent in to the mind - the cerebral center. Which is the way the skull becomes important and why certain skull cups grew to become the Grail of Grails.

We too must now stick to the road to the ancients and check inside the skull.

We shall start with probably the most recondite of images - the Tantric Skull Cup.

Skull Cups
In Sanskrit, skull cups are classified as kapala (hence “cap” and “cup”), and perhaps they are created in the oblong portion of the upper cranium. They offered as libation ships for big amounts of deities, that have been mostly wrathful.

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