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December 9, 2015
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Next time you listen to some fundamentalist Christian speaking about how exactly the Usa began by several chapel-going Christian believers, because the fundamentalists claim they're, consider this:

The revolution against England wasn't a well known idea. Many people within the Colonies were pleased with the way in which things were going. Those who were worried about the required taxes were individuals who would need to pay a lot of the taxes: the rich, the industrial facilities, and also the shop proprietors. Most people within this country labored because of themselves or another person. The Boston Tea Party, you'll recall, happened due to the tax on tea. The simple fact is the fact that most people within the Colonies didn’t drink tea. It had been mainly the rich who maintained that habit. It had been, though, symbolic for that ongoing taxing to cover the British nobility’s excesses. Fundamentalist Christian believers have this mistaken concept that once the Promise of Independence was signed, everybody was lined up to sign it. Really, it required over five years for everybody to sign it. Which was well following the Revolutionary War was won. Area of the problem was transportation another part was that lots of the signers weren’t certain moving away from England was the very best factor to complete. In the end, England was the finest military and naval energy on the planet as well as their protection was an resource. What exactly when they taxed The Colonies? The required taxes were essential for getting the British military and navy prepared to defend them.

Now, how about the Founding Fathers from the U . s . States?

Something similar to 98% from the Founding Fathers from the U . s . States were MASONS. Their primary religious affiliation was UNITARIAN. The relaxation were either Catholic or Chapel of England. For a moment consider the Masonic comes of Boston (MA), New You are able to (NY), Philadelphia (PA), Richmond (Veterans administration) along with a dozen other metropolitan areas lining the new england, it reads just like a Who’s Who in American History. Most of the historic figures who found assist the Colonies within their break from England (e.g. Lafayette from France and Polaski from Belgium) were also Masons. Actually, most of the officials who have been fighting around the British side were also Masons. Masons, in those days, were DEISTS. A deist is a who thinks that the God produced the planet however that same God doesn’t hinder it. Most Christian believers are theists. A theist sees God disturbing or can hinder what’s happening on the planet. (This isn’t different compared to Pagans who thought the gods interfered using the lives of humans.) Quite simply, the Founding Fathers of the country saw that what goes on here was as much as them. It was not God’s will the Colonies escape from England. It was not God’s will there be considered a Usa. Nor was Manifest Future God’s will. It was not God’s will the U . s . States eventually be a global energy.

The Masonic tradition in those days was highly rich in OCCULTISM. The Masons counseled me practicing CEREMONIAL Masters of magic. George Washington, putting on a Masonic apron, really carried out a Masonic (occult) rite once the cornerstone from the capital was laid and that he placed a box that contains Masonic medallions for the reason that cornerstone. The signing from the Promise of Independence took it's origin from zodiac timing exercised by among the Founding Fathers. This summer fourth, 1776 at 12:00 noon at Philadelphia (PA) was very significant. That very time happens when John Hancock placed his signature around the Declaration. They desired to make certain that all the “signs” were propitious with this infant country. Would Christian believers visit this trouble? Definitely Not! Consequently, the U . s . States began by occultists according to occult concepts.

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The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers (3 of 4)
The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers (3 of 4)
The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers (4 of 4)
The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers (4 of 4)
George Washington Freemason Founding Fathers of the United
George Washington Freemason Founding Fathers of the United ...
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