Massachusetts Grand Lodge

October 13, 2015

Looking over the Boston Common may be the regal, Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts. Certainly one of earliest institutions in downtown Boston, the present building at 186 Tremont Street may be the third Grand Lodge structure erected on the website. Built-in 1898, it houses many treasures of effective historic significance. It's six meeting halls, an investigation library devoted to Freemasonry, and also the administrative offices for that Grand Lodge along with other Masonic physiques and programs. Your building and library are available to the general public, and tours can be found on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 10:30 am and a pair of:00 pm.

The Earliest Grand Lodge within the Western Hemisphere.
The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts goes back to 1733. It had been the very first within the " New World ", and also the third earliest following a Grand Lodges of England and Ireland. Formally organized underneath the leadership of Henry Cost, Boston’s first Masons met in the Couple of Grapes Tavern. Freemasons happen to be building better males and towns since.
Structures Such As This Aren't Made Any longer
Whenever you go to the current building, you will see why we are saying that no words can perform it justice. The reality is that structures like that one — using its precise focus on detail, ornate fittings, and expert craftsmanship — just aren’t made anymore.
Outdoors your building
Among the dominant exterior elements may be the grandiose glass variety sections that sophistication along side it from the building facing Tremont Street. Built of vibrant warm yellows, browns, and golds on the area of mixed blues, the sections represent two symbolic Masonic styles: the quest for light and also the labor of creating. The backdrop of all of the sections may be the sun, the indication of light. The significant tools suggest regarding structures and also the character of guy.
Within the Building
When you walk within the building, you will be within the Grand Lodge Lounge that is embellished with tessellated squares of black and whitened Terrazzo, interspersed with a beautiful fountain with colored light and glass cases that display classic Masonic memorabilia. Also around the bottom floor may be the Paul Revere banquet hall, decorated having a portrait of Revere and lots of eminent Freemasons.
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