Scottish Rite 33RD degree

June 27, 2018
33rd Degree Scottish Rite
Levels from the Lodge of Perfection (4°-14°)
The Ineffable Levels
4° - Secret Master

The 4th Degree, or Secret Master, is the initial step in to the inner sanctuary from the Spiritual Temple, where he who seeks, finds Truth. Within this Degree we're to understand the job of behavior training to law, to not the edict of the tyrant, unlike what the law states of God or character, however the law that's a manifestation from the will and judgement of those but for the advantage of the entire people.

5° - Perfect Master

The 5th Degree, or Perfect Master, stresses the 2 benefits, Industry and Honesty. The Actual Khurum (Hiram) had these two benefits. Idleness, the truly amazing enemy of growth, whether mental or spiritual, may be the maker of mischief and vice. "To rest little, study much, say little, think and listen to much, to understand to complete seriously and intensely whatever is needed by duty" would be the precepts from the Mason who follows the actual. A Mason ought to always be honest in the contracts, sincere in the claims, and all promises and covenants even going to their own disadvantage.

6° - Intimate Secretary

The Sixth Degree shows us to become fervent, faithful, disinterested and benevolent. Not good Mason could be worldly, covetous or sensual, but should be kind and affectionate, broadminded and charitable keeping ideas only around the good and true, with a sense of thankfulness for those favors made along with a sincere need to do unto his Brother because he would want done unto him.

7° - Provost and select

The Seventh Degree, or Provost and select, has because of its chief lesson the truly amazing principle of justice. Individuals using the energy of judgement should judge impartially with no personal consideration, without prejudice or preconception and without haste. 2 kinds of injustice might be completed to another-guy: one in which a guy does an injuries to a different, another where he does not avert an injuries both by God and guy, the effects remain. In knowing an incorrect we ought to recall the motive and temptation. Some males are born with noble instincts, while some are less fortunate. Possibly the guy who leads a clear existence hasn't had the temptation which found his fallen brother therefore we should judge with charitable organisation and pitying kindness.

8° - Intendant from the Building

The Eighth Degree, or Intendant from the Building, impresses upon the candidate the futility of evolving unless of course the training already trained happen to be taken into consideration. The jurisprudence, learning and morality of Masonry and never basically the job and events must have our most profound thought and a focus. We're searchers after Light so we should think about the earthly existence of ours a area for noble action, the start of paradise and part of growing old. This Degree shows us we have high responsibilities to do along with a high future to satisfy about this Earth. We ought to love this Earth because the garden which the Creator has lavished such miracles of beauty, has managed to get the dwelling host to the smart and also the good, the area of chance to add mass to the noblest passions, the tenderest sympathies and also the loftiest benefits.

9° - Elu from the Nine

This Degree is consecrated to bravery, devotedness and patriotism. Its responsibilities are summarized in "Safeguard the oppressed from the oppressor and devote you to ultimately the recognition and interest of the country." Masonry requires service in comforting the unfortunate and raising the degraded. It takes initiates to operate positively and seriously for the advantage of their brethren, their country and mankind. Most males have sentiment right, but perform the wrong. They might talk a lot of virtue but live little from it. They might even talk a lot of wrongs but do little to eradicate them. He who fights against cruelty, oppression, wrongs and abuse fights for his country's recognition. Existence isn't measured by days, but through the deeds we've accomplished for our fellow guy and our country. "Un-selfish and noble functions would be the most radiant epochs within the biography of souls. When wrought in earliest youth, they lie within the memory old such as the barrier islands, eco-friendly and sunny, amongst the melancholy waste of sea."

10° - Elu from the 15

This Degree is dedicated to religious and political toleration and also to the enlightenment from the mind of soul. Toleration holds that each guy includes a to his opinion, and liberally claims that no individual know he alone knows the reality. Whatever a guy sincerely and concientiously thinks is truth to him, and just through enlightenment and education are intolerance and fanaticism put lower. Masonry isn't a religion, but draws on the fundamental facts of religions it's the universal morality underlying every creed. A belief within the one true God along with a moral and virtuous existence would be the only needs that Masonry promulgates like a necessity for membership.

11° - Elu from the Twelve

The responsibilities of the Degree should be serious, true, reliable and sincere to safeguard the folks against illegal impositions and contend for his or her political privileges. It's a Mason's duty for everyone his Siblings, not Masons alone, but all humanity. The security of each and every free government is dependent upon the integrity from the common people. The country that bases its greatness on tyranny over prostrate states, heavy and illegal taxation and crafty alliances will discover its empire tottering...

Big Dead 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike No. 1
Big Dead 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike No. 1
Lee Sherman Dreyfus, 33rd Degree
Lee Sherman Dreyfus, 33rd Degree
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