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August 20, 2015
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Not so long ago, after i was finding the three levels of Masonry, a classic friend explained to me that all things in the Masonic ritual might be based in the Bible. He was right, much of what's based in the ritual might be discovered within the Old Testament. However, the scriptures present two different accounts of this primary Masonic allegory: regarding King Solomon's Temple.

The 2 accounts of the temple's construction are available in 1 Nobleman and a pair of Stories. The historic accounts presented both in books are extremely similar. However, you will find some discrepancies in a few of the particulars from the story. For example, it's quite common to locate variations within the amounts presented within the two different accounts.

The invention of Masonic ritual in spiritual blood pressure measurements happens to be particularly fascinating in my experience. It's exciting to understand a secret meaning regarding scripture, specially when encircled by individuals not aware of their relevance towards the private order of Freemasonry. However, it's surprising that lots of Masons never take time to check out the information presented in Masonic traditions in the original context. It may be an informative experience to uncover both precision of Scriptural accounts in Masonic ritual in addition to uncover the discrepancies between your Scriptural and Masonic accounts of those occasions.

Both Hebrew history based in the Old Testament and also the Masonic ritual are susceptible to the errors of dental communication. That Old Testament was written lower only after a period of dental communication which eroded the particulars from the original eye witness accounts. Likewise, Masonic ritual has underwent errors of the identical character with time cheap the ritual continues to be constantly modified and abridged for many centuries. Because of the presentation from the ritual by memory, the Masonic initiate may receive any mistakes he may never uncover to stay in error unless of course he conducts their own research about them.

This paper offers no new information or exciting conclusions. It's just condensing information that's in lots of places into someone to permit the Mason quick access to uncover the storyline of King Solomon's Temple as told within the Bible. It'll prove most informative when the readers looks after a translation from the Old Testament at hands to ensure that Scriptural references might be rapidly utilized.

The Bibles utilized in producing this paper would be the New Worldwide Version Study Bible edited by Kenneth Baker released by Zondervan Posting House in 1995 and also the Scriptures King James Version released by Heirloom Bible Marketers 1988. The Masonic ritual utilized as a reference may be the ritual approved to be used through the Grand Lodge of South Dakota.

Joined Apprentice Degree: Historic Lecture

The historic lecture based in the Joined Apprentice degree seeks to make use of the historic accounts based in the Hebrew traditions to rationalize the occasions which exist in the very first degree. The very first mention of the King Solomon's Temple within this lecture regards the truth that the gemstones obtained from the quarry were correctly hewn and squared in the quarry and never in the construction site in the temple.

“You were divested of metals for 2 reasons: First which you may carry nothing offensive or defensive in to the Lodge second, at regarding King Solomon’s Temple, there is not heard the seem of the ax, hammer, or any tools of iron. The gemstones counseled me hewn, squared and designated in the quarries where these were elevated...”

Indeed, this are available in the fir Nobleman account of the making of King Solomon's Temple. 1 King 6:7 reads, “In building the temple, only blocks outfitted in the quarry were utilised, with no hammer, chisel or other iron tool was heard in the temple site although it had been built.” Therefore, this truth is taken from that old Testament. The next excerpt in the first lecture from the Joined Apprentice degree describes the way the lumber for that temple was moved to Jerusalem.

“The timbers felled and eager within the Forests of Lebanon. communicated by ocean in floats to Joppa, thence by land to Jerusalem, where these were setup with wooden mauls prepared for your purpose so when your building was completed, its several parts fitted with your exact nicety, it had more the look of the handy-work from the Supreme Architect from the World than of human hands.”

This area of the historic account might be present in King Hiram's reaction to King Solomon in 1 Nobleman 9:9. The ultimate sentence of the excerpt in the ritual seems to become an addition made to glorify the workmanship from the craftsmen which labored around the temple. Possibly it is supposed to stress the significance of the symbolic training which may be learned from regarding King Solomon's Temple.

The historic lecture of the degree refers back to the Mason's apron using the following statement:

“You were given a lamb-skin or whitened leather apron, since the lamb has, in most age range, been considered an emblem of innocence he therefore, who wears the lamb-skin like a badge of the Mason is therefore constantly reminded of this wholesomeness of existence and conduct, that is so basically essential to his attaining admittance to that Celestial Lodge above, in which the Supreme Architect from the World presides.”

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