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November 9, 2015
Lethality/greed of secret

A-Matter-of-Degrees-by-Alex-MarcouxAuthor Alex Marcoux solutions questions relevant to her new thriller book, Dependent on Levels from Bella Books. She confesses that this isn't typical lesbian fiction as well as in a candid interview talks about Freemasonry, the royal secret, Serta Brown's The Da Vinci Code plus much more.

The Bella Edition of Dependent on Levels arrives out March 17, 2014.

About Serta Brown's The Da Vinci Code

Your projects continues to be in comparison to Serta Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Exactly what do you think about The Da Vinci Code?

I loved it. It had been an enjoyable read! And That I love reading through books that pressure us to think about options outdoors this area, or perhaps from our safe place.

When writing Dependent on Levels had you been affected through the Da Vinci Code?

No. Not whatsoever! Dependent on Levels was written before Serta Brown's book being released. A buddy that had formerly taken a sneak look at Dependent on Levels turned out after she read Dan's book. It had been then that they recognized song of my book were not fiction, and she or he strongly recommended which i have a look in the Da Vinci Code.

Thriller Book AuthorAbout Freemasonry and Conspiracy Ideas and Masons 33rd Degree

A few reviews of Dependent on Levels claim that you are taking The Da Vinci Code one step further. What's implied with this?

Within Levels, I do not visit the implication from the royal bloodline (Jesus and Mary Magdalene) and exceed. It will get into Freemasonry and world control by secret communities, I show the bond from the Masons towards the Knights in combat Templar, the royal bloodline, completely to ancient Egypt, as well as ancient Sumeria.

I just read somewhere that you simply were known as, "Keeper from the Royal Secret." So how exactly does this connect with you?

It is indeed my knowning that Freemasonry consists of a secret, frequently alluded to because the Royal Secret. Some speculate this mystery was lost age range ago in ancient Egypt throughout the legend of Hiram Abiff. Others believe it had become lost using the demise from the Knights in combat Templar in 1307. Then you will find some who suspect that the secret's alive and well and contained inside the 33rd amount of Freemasonry.

Within Levels, certainly one of my figures (Jessie Mercer) is driven by an unseen pressure to resolve the murder of her brother. But what's really driving her is her soul's purpose to discover Freemasonry's Royal Secret. This can be a karmic situation for Jessie, as with an earlier life—in ancient Egypt—she had unsuccessful to reveal the reality regarding Freemasonry.

Would you expose the Royal Secret?

I actually do reveal the Royal Secret that we admit sits outdoors most individuals safe place. Including my very own (a minimum of it did initially when i first began doing the study with this book). Obviously, this really is my very own creative conjecture on which secret would warrant the Masons to consider bloodstream oaths to safeguard. Could it be the actual Royal Secret? Do you consider the Freemasons would let me know whether it were?

About Creativeness, Religion and Visitors

Whenever you were penning this book, did you've got a particular message in your mind for the visitors?

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