Masonic structure

November 12, 2015
Masonic Structure

Emblematic Structure of FreemasonryHistory: The roots and early growth and development of Freemasonry are dependent on some debate and conjecture. A poem referred to as "Regius Manuscript" continues to be dated to roughly 1390 and it is the earliest known Masonic text.

There's evidence to point out that there have been Masonic lodges around in Scotland as soon as the late 16th century (for instance the Lodge at Kilwinning, Scotland, has records that date towards the late 16th century, and it is pointed out within the Second Schaw Laws (1599) which specified that "ye warden of ye carry of Kilwynning tak tryall of ye airt of memorie and science yrof, of everie fellowe of craft and everie prenteiss based on ayr of yr careers"). You will find obvious references to the presence of lodges in England through the mid-17th century.

Chart of the most important Masonic EmblemsFreemasonry is really a fraternal organization that came about from obscure roots within the late 16th to early 17th century. Freemasonry now is available in a variety of forms around the globe, having a membership believed around 6 000 0000, including roughly 150Thousand underneath the areas from the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Grand Lodge of eire, on the quarter of the million underneath the jurisdiction from the U . s . Grand Lodge of England and merely under 2 million within the U . s . States.

The fraternity is administratively organized into independent Grand Lodges or sometimes Orients, because both versions governs its very own jurisdiction, featuring its subordinate (or constituent) Lodges. The different Grand Lodges recognize one another, or otherwise, based on adherence to landmarks (a great Lodge will often deem other Grand Lodges who share common landmarks to become regular, and individuals that don't to become "irregular" or "clandestine").

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Representational Structure of Freemasonry

Scottish Rite - You are able to Rite

Chart of the most basic Masonic Emblems

Stories of Masonry

The Steps of Freemasonry

You are able to Rite - Scottish Rite - Youth Orders - Women's Orders - Lunch Clubs - Social Orders

Illuminati Pyramid Structure Legends of Masonry The Steps of Freemasonry York Rite - Scottish Rite - Youth Orders - Women's Orders - Luncheon Clubs - Social Orders

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N 4 Structure feat. Lil Ms. Taylor Caldwell at Masonic Temple.
N 4 Structure feat. Lil Ms. Taylor Caldwell at Masonic Temple.
The Structure of Freemasonry Poster
The Structure of Freemasonry Poster
Structure of Free Masonry
Structure of Free Masonry
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