Freemasonry 2nd degree ceremony

October 25, 2015
A cooperative Second Degree

A peculiar System of Morality

Freemasonry is really frequently cited as 'a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory, and highlighted by symbols' but, let's now examine that statement having a view to discovering precisely what is intended through the phrase and just how it came about.

'A peculiar system of morality' - well word values have a tendency to change through the years and also the word 'peculiar' within this sense means particular or special the morality under consideration has its own roots inside a philosophy along with a code inspired through the bible in general.

In mediaeval occasions skilled craftsmen in a variety of trades banded together to safeguard their crafts and allowed only individuals who was simply trained, trained, demonstrated, and reliable to pursue their abilities. It had been a way to outlaw pirates from creating inferior work and therefore betray the trust from the architect, the actual, or even the commissioner from the work. From such early control development increased within the 14th towards the 17th centuries and there's ample evidence both in England and Scotland that this type of trade control incorporated instruction in matters beyond their crafts and abilities traces of this type of instruction are available in modern occasions. For instance let's go ahead and take little guide provided on admittance to the liberty from the Town of London that is titled Helpful Advice to Apprentices or even the Covenants from the City Indenture (familiarly Described and Enforced By Scripture.) from the copy dated 1863 the very first two products, from eleven are 'familiarly Explained', are here cited:

'During which term the stated Apprentice his Master faithfully shall serve' - that's he will be true and merely to his Master in most his dealings, in word and deed he mustn't only keep his hands from picking and stealing, and the tongue from laying and slandering he or she must also refrain from doing him any types of injuries, by idleness, negligence, or negligence by misleading, or defaming, or any type of evil speaking but he or she must learn and work to complete him a real and real service.

Several scriptural quotes are listed for individuals injunctions including:

Ye should be faithful in most things. (Timothy iii, 11)
In most your labours let no iniquity be located. (Hosea xii, 8)

and additionally to individuals you will find quotes from Leviticus xix, 11 Ephesians iv, 25 Deuteronomy xxv, 16 and Proverbs xii, 19. The following example is:

'His secrets keep' - that's he shall hide the specific strategies of his art, trade, or science, without divulging or coming to a one aware of these to the hindrance of his Master, whose interest may greatly rely on a peculiar management and understanding of his business. Some thing thus would be to serve faithfully and fidelity may be the glory and perfection of the servant, as his want from it is his finest discredit and reproach.

Just one scriptural extract is succumbed support of this:

Uncover a well known fact to a different, lest he that heareth it put thee to shame, and thine infamy turn not away. (Proverbs xxv, 9, 10 )

That guide perpetuates injunctions much like individuals written in to the Old Charges dating in the fourteenth century. It had been from individuals manuscripts the Revd. James Anderson put together the very first book of Constitutions from the Freemasons in 1723. It had been formally approved through the premier Grand Lodge founded working in london in 1717, and grew to become the strategies by which Speculative Freemasonry ended up being to be governed.

Underneath the sub-heading 'City Freedom' within the Helpful Advice guide the next seems: Apprentices who've faithfully offered their Masters can acquire the liberty from the City, which confers several benefits, for the sum of the 5s only.

Which is then an email which states:

Masters should sign-up their apprentices in the Chamberlain's Office within twelve several weeks in the date of the Indentures, it being for his or her mutual advantage. Persons who give false testimony, forfeit...

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