Masonic symbols and their meanings

October 22, 2015
The obelisk has been an occult
IN 1871, GRAND SOVEREIGN MASTER ALBERT PIKE authored Morals and Dogma, it which is just about the Masonic bible. Now, as then, Masonic lodges and sections around the world follow Pike's dictates. Pike decreed that just Masons from the greatest levels might be told the hidden meanings of Masonic symbols and goals thus misleading lower initiates regarding the real reason for Masonry. In their deceptiveness from the public, Masons claim their intention would be to do good works making males better. They repeat the deceitful declare that Masonry isn't a secret society however a society with secrets. The meaning of Freemasonry which Pike declared ended up being to be revealed simply to the greatest level Masons was described in 1959 by Rev. E. Cahill in Freemasonry and also the Anti-Christian Movement: "The majority of the Masonic meaning, in the original and proper meaning, refers mainly towards the Photo voltaic and Phallic worship. . .This truth is claimed to through the great government bodies of Anglo-American Freemasonry — Pike, Mackey, Thomas Webb Cruz, William Preston, Hutcheson, etc. Jean B. Marie Ragon, the 'Sacred author" adds his testimony to that particular from the Anglo-American authors. Ragon specifically states the Masonic god may be the God from the Pyramids, thus determining the Masonic cult using the religion from the ancient Egyptians. "Based on the huge most of the great Masonic authors, the Masonic secret cult comes from the traditional 'mysteries' asia, Egypt Persia, A holiday in greece. . .These mysteries aren't anything more or under individuals obscene and indescribable types of worship, where the generative procedure for character, represented through the human organs of reproduction were the item of licentious homage. . .this worship may be the real pivot from the Masonic religion, and also the center of Masonic ritual and meaning. . .the Masonic deity, known as the truly amazing Architect. . .is carefully connected most abundant in hideous and degraded from the pre-Christian cults, such as generally thought to betray the direct and immediate influence from the Evil One." Fr. Cahill describes that the initiation rite from the first or apprentice amount of nowhere Lodge significantly shows the birth of Masonry's questionnable anti-Christian Character God, for this declines the presence of an individual, supernatural God, and ". . .ensures that God is really a bisexual being, a hermaphrodite." (The Masonic indicating the square and also the compass represent the questionnable deities from the female Isis and also the male Osiris.) Historian and investigator Paul Fisher discovered an intense description from the unbreakable bond among Masonic siblings within an 1861 (throughout the Civil War) letter in the Grand Lodge of You are able to Masons in Pennsylvania for their siblings in Tennessee: "Masonry is really as old as government. It comprises a government by itself. . . Masonry is really a sovereignty along with a law on its own. . .it knows only the concepts and teachings of their belief... "The proud position [of Masonry would be to] stand aloof in the go up and down of empires, the disturbance in States, the wars of fighting...

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