Masonry signs and symbols

November 3, 2015
RRCG members speak out:

An Attractive System Of Morality, Veiled In Allegory, Highlighted By Signs And Symbols. This can be a direct type of Masonic rhetoric, and it is full understanding is baked into the allegory from the Order.

An Attractive System Of Morality: reminds us of God's system, or pattern, that they established for all of us to follow along with every day in our lives. That product is God's Moral Law. His Law is segmented into ten primary instructions that we understand because the Ten Rules.

Veiled in Allegory: reminds us the Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry are only able to be located and understood whenever we search our traditions, dictionaries and Holy Bibles for greater depth and understanding in individuals things considered secretive in Masonry.

Highlighted By Signs And Symbols: certifies the truth that Masonry is hidden which it's secretive. Such as the symbols that people display freely, our signs, words, grips, figures, etc., each have a definite surface meaning. Yet, it's below that surface that people discover the Spiritual, Material, Physical and intellectual allegories.

If, within the Lodge, we remove all signs, words, grips and hieroglyphics (symbols and figures), what remains may be the craft and God's gift to mankind, the Scriptures. Still, we haven't moved Masonry just the illustrations and modes of projection happen to be moved. The allegories of Masonry continue to be present, within the Scriptures. This really is to state that Masonry isn't any more, and believe it or not, than, the research and exercise of faith and also the guiding in our actions inside the arena of God's Law.

Masonic Hand Signs 10min
Masonic Hand Signs 10min
The Ancestors Are In You/Signs & Symbols/Origins Of The
The Ancestors Are In You/Signs & Symbols/Origins Of The ...
Acacia And Freemasonry From The Complete Dictionary of Symbols
Acacia And Freemasonry From The Complete Dictionary of Symbols
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