What is the Masonic symbols?

September 6, 2017
Masonic Symbol by Kalipsee
(photo by Tui Snider)

Why what is the G within the Masonic symbol?

It appears just like a simple question, “What does ‘G’ in the center of the Masonic emblem mean?” Locating a simple answer, however, isn't very easy.

Like a teen I became a member of the Rainbow Women, the youth group connected using the Masonic Temple. They have to have thought I'd bladder problems, since i constantly excused myself throughout class. Rather than while using bathroom, I’d poke all around the labyryhthine halls, wishing to uncover something mysterious or strange.

Irrrve never did.

Our Rainbow Girl traditions, however, were pretty bland. They mostly involved learning lengthy passages concerning the colors from the rainbow, and saying them in romantic events. (Example: I had been needed to put on a whitened dress while saying a bit that began with, “I am whitened, the virgin color…”)

In those days, after i requested concerning the ‘G’ within the symbol, I had been told it means ‘God.’ (Arrived at think about it, my inquisitive character appeared to bother the audience leaders. I'd similar problems in Sunday school… go figure!)

A2Z-BADGE2015After I investigated the problem in the library, I found that the Masonic ‘G’ means three things, simply since the letter ‘G’ may be the third letter within the Hebrew alphabet. Individuals three situations are: Grand Architect, Generation, and Gnosis.

The ‘Grand Architect’ aspect truly does make reference to God, so my Rainbow Girl leaders were giving me area of the answer. By ‘Generation, ’ the Masons are mentioning to understanding being passed on through bloodlines. ‘Gnosis’ is Greek for ‘knowledge, ’ so there you have it: a not too simple answer for any simple question!

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Burnout Paradise City Masonic symbols in the game
Burnout Paradise City Masonic symbols in the game
Invisibly Visible (Identifying Masonic Symbols)
Invisibly Visible (Identifying Masonic Symbols)
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