What is a Master Mason degree?

August 19, 2017
Master Mason Degree April 24th
Sacred Texts Freemasonry Index Worshipful Master to Candidate, "You'll advance towards the altar, kneel upon your naked knees, both of your hands resting n the Scriptures, square and compass by which due form you'll say, "I, " together with your title entirely and repeat after me" Due-Guard of the Master Mason.—Extend both of your hands while watching body on the line using the lower button from the vest using the palms open and switched downward, both of your hands staying close together, thumbs nearly touching.

Manifestation of an expert Mason.—Made in the due guard by shedding the left hands carelessly and drawing the best across against left to right side on the line using the lower button from the vest, the hands being open as before, palm lower. ward and also the thumb for the body. Then drop the hands perpendicularly aside.

Sign without Due-guard.—(Regular manner outdoors the lodge.) Simply draw the best hands as above referred to, carelessly over the body and drop it through the side.

Pass-Grip of the Master Mason—Take your hands on each other peoples hands as with regular hands trembling and press the top of the your thumb hard from the space between your second and third knuckles. If the guy whose hands you shake be considered a Mason he might return or give any previous grip.

Pass of Master Mason—Tubal Cain. It's the title of the grip.

Strong Grip of the Master Mason or Lion's Paw.—Grasp each other peoples right hands very firmly, the spaces between your thumb and first finger being interlocked and also the tops from the fingers being pressed hard against each other peoples wrist where it joins the hands, the fingers of every being somewhat spread.

Candidate as Hiram Abiff falling in to the Canvas, getting been struck within the temple through the setting maul from the supposed third ruffian, Jubelum.

Five Points of Fellowship.

Worshipful Master:—Which would be the five points of fellowship?

Senior Deacon:—Foot to feet (Master and candidate extend their right ft, placing within one against those of another). Knee to knee (they convey their right knees together) breast to breast (they convey their right breasts together) hands to back (Master places his left hands around the candidate's back, the candidate's is positioned through the Deacon around the Masters back) oral cavity to oral cavity or mouth to ear (Master puts his mouth to candidate's right ear thus getting the best oral cavity of every together. See figure).

Masters Words— (whispered within the ear from the candidate), Mah-hah bone, then the candidate whispers exactly the same word within the Masters ear.

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