Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts

December 4, 2016
Grand Lodge of Masons in
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts A.F. &lifier A.M.

Seal from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts A.F. &lifier A.M.

British Motto Follow Reason
Constituted 1733
Jurisdiction Massachusetts

The, generally known to because the and abbreviated GLMA, may be the primary regulating body of Freemasonry within Massachusetts, and keeps Lodges in other areas overseas, namely Panama, Chile, the Individuals Republic of China (meeting in Tokyo, japan, Japan), and Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba.

It is regarded as the 3rd earliest Masonic Grand Lodge around (following the U . s . Grand Lodge of England, which dates its very own existence in the formation from the Grand Lodge of England in 1717, and also the Grand Lodge of eire (1725), interpretation the 1733 warrant, creating Henry Cost the Provincial Grand Master of recent England, as the development of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

Price's successors as Provincial Grand Master, Robert Tomlinson, Thomas Oxnard, Jeremy Gridley and John Rowe, counseled me hired (in 1736, 1743, 1755 and 1768 correspondingly) through the Moderns' Grand Master working in london. The Provincial Grand Lodge, which, because of the American Revolution, held no meeting throughout the time 1775 to 1787, finally merged using its counterpart Antient Provincial Grand Lodge, produced in 1769 through the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Around the date of this merger, 5 March 1792, the recently produced body first worked out its new sovereign forces by choosing a great Master within the person of John Cutler, by implementing the title The Grand Lodge of the very most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Recognized Masons from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

First Provincial Grand Lodge[edit]

Freemasonry in Massachusetts dates towards the early 1700s, and also the first step toward its Grand Lodge is wound finished the threads from the (then) ongoing disputes between your Moderns and also the Antients.

Following the formation from the Premier Grand Lodge of England (later known to because the Moderns) in 1717, and also the amalgamation of person Lodges into that body, Lodges and Masons within the Boston area requested one Brother Henry Cost to visit London, and petition the Grand Lodge for any Warrant to be able to be looked at regular, in compliance having a regulation dated in 1721.

Cost accomplished it, and came back early in the year of 1733 using more than only a Warrant for a person Lodge - he is made the "Provincial Grand Master of recent England and Dominions and Areas thereunto belonging" through the Grand Master, The Best Honorable and Right Worshipful Anthony Browne, sixth Viscount Montague.

This Provincial Grand Lodge was in the past referred to as St. John's Grand Lodge, and chartered numerous Lodges within the Colonies. The first, that was chartered in Boston in 1733, was known and recorded as First Lodge within the British comes of 1734, and it is now referred to as St. John's Lodge.

Scotland, Ireland, and also the Antients[edit]

Inside a manner like the development of St. John's Grand Lodge, numerous Masons who was simply mixed up in Antients type of Freemasonry arranged together, and petitioned the Grand Lodge of Scotland for any warrant, that was provided to "The Lodge of St Andrew" in 1756. These Antient Freemasons, desiring equal stature using the Moderns, became a member of using the Lodges mounted on three British military models in petitioning the GL of Scotland for Provincial GL status:

Lodge of St. Andrew (Scotland) British Military Lodge #58 (Antient) within the 14th Regiment of Feet Glittering Star Lodge #322 (Ireland) using the 29th Regiment Lodge Number 106 (Scotland) using the 64th Regiment (which left prior to the inauguration from the GM, Frederick Warren)

Because of the Revolution, and in line with the situation between your US and The Uk, the Scottish Provincial Grand Lodge drafted new constitutions, breaking in the Grand Lodge of Scotland and achieving Massachusetts Grand Lodge in 1782.

There is an increasing rift within the Lodge of St Andrew in regards to this decision to split up, as well as in December of this same year, it found a election. Thirty Masons chosen to remain area of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and 19 chosen for that Massachusetts Grand Lodge. No action was adopted this election, also it was laid up for grabs before the finish from the war. In The month of january 1784, they chosen again, with twenty-nine voting for Scotland, and twenty-three for Massachusetts. Individuals voting for membership within the Massachusetts Grand Lodge were eliminated in the Lodge of St. Andrew. However, they created their very own Lodge of St. Andrew underneath the new Massachusetts Grand Lodge, which triggered confusion for a while, until it had been re-named Rising States Lodge.

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