All Seeing Eye Freemasonry

May 27, 2017
What Is The All Seeing Eye

The Masonic Eye is synonymous with the attention of God. It's the indication of His Divine watchfulness and the ever present proper care of the world.

Masonic Eye

The All Seeing Eye, like a number of other Masonic symbols, continues to be lent in the past in the nations of antiquity.

Hebrews and Egyptians: Both Hebrews and Egyptians have the symptoms of derived using the Masonic Eye in the natural inclination of figurative minds to choose an individual organ because the indication of its nearest matching function...almost as much ast the feet denotes speed, the arm, strength and also the hands, fidelity.

Psalm 34:15: "Your eyes from the The almighty are upon the
righteous, and the ears are open unto
their cry."

Psalm 121:4: "Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall
neither slumber nor sleep."

In the Book of Conversation of God with Moses on Mount Sinai, converted through the Reverend W. Cureton, obtained from an Arabic manuscript from the 15th century and released through the Philobiblon Society based in london:

"Then Moses stated towards the The almighty, O' The almighty, dost thou sleep or otherwise?

The The almighty stated unto Moses:

"Irrrve never sleep: but have a cup and grow it with water."

Then, Moses required just one cup and filled it with water, because the The almighty commanded him.

Then, the The almighty cast in to the heart of Moses the breath of slumber so he rested, and also the cup fell from his hands and also the water that was therein was leaking.

Then Moses awoke from his sleep.

Then God stated to Moses:

"I declare by my energy, by my glory, when I would withdraw my providence in the heavens and also the earth, for no more a period of time that thou hast rested, they'd at the same time fall to ruin and confusion, like because the cup fell from thy hands."

The Egyptian God, Osiris: The Egyptians symbolized Osiris, their chief deity, through the indication of a wide open eye and placed this hieroglyphic of him in most their temples.

His symbolic title, around the monuments was symbolized through the eye associated a throne that was sometimes added an abbreviated figure from the god and often what's been known as a hatchet, but which might as properly be said to be a representation of the square.

Solomon in Proverbs 15:3

Solomon alludes for this as he states: "Your eyes from the The almighty have been in everywhere, beholding (keeping watch upon) the evil and also the good."

The Creator is without beginning and without finish while he always is and happens to be. He's both All-powerful (getting limitless universal energy) and All pervading (the standard to be everywhere simultaneously).

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