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April 10, 2018
The Steps of Freemasonry

Freemasonry provides possibilities for sincere, honest, forthright males who wish to lead towards the improvement of Themselves as well as their towns. Through our Masonic fraternalism, we reaffirm our dedication and oneness to get involved people who've a powerful need to preserve the which have ongoing and can continue, to create America great.

Within the Northern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Scottish Rite degree jobs are transported on inside the Lodge of Perfection, 4° - 14°Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 15° - 16° Chapter of Rose Croix, 17° - 18°, Consistory, 19° - 32° and 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Symbolic Levels

1 Joined Apprentice
2 Fellow Craft
3 Master Mason

Conferred inside a Symbolic or "Blue" Lodge underneath the jurisdiction of the recognized Grand Lodge of Masons

Ineffable Levels

4 Secret Master
5 Perfect Master
6 Intimate Secretary
7 Provost and select
8 Intendant from the Building
9 Master Elect of Nine
10 Elect of 15
11 Sublime Master Chosen
12 Grand Master Architect
13 Master from the Ninth Arch
14 Grand Elect Mason

Conferred inside a "Lodge of Perfection"

Historic Levels

15 Dark night from the East, or Sword
16 Prince of Jerusalem

Conferred inside a "Council of Princes of Jerusalem"

Philosophical Levels

17 Dark night from the East and West
18 Dark night from the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.

Conferred inside a "Chapter of Rose Croix" Levels

Traditional and Chivalric Levels

19 Grand Pontiff
20 Master ad Vitam
21 Patriarch Noachite
22 Prince of Libanus
23 Chief from the Tabernacle
24 Prince from the Tabernacle
25 Dark night from the Brazen Serpent
26 Prince of Whim
27 Commander from the Temple
28 Dark night from the Sun
29 Dark night of St. Andrew
30 Grand Elect Dark night Kadosh
31 Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
32 Sublime Prince from the Royal Secret

Conferred inside a "Consistory" from the Royal Secret

Official Degree

33 Sovereign Grand Inspector General - This Degree is conferred through the Supreme Council upon Freemasons from the 32° in recognition of distinguished Masonic or Public service. It can't be used for, but is conferred by invitation only.

1° Joined Apprentice. This degree starts a guys journey into freemasonry and signifies youth

2° Fellowcraft. This degree represents guy in their adult years and signifies work

3° Master Mason. This degree signifies guy in senior years and pertains to knowledge

4° Secret Master. Within this degree, the dignity of fidelity and integrity is shown.

5° Perfect Maser. This degree shows that not worthy ambitions are corruptive and destructive towards the guy who does not remember his duty to family, country and God

6° Intimate Secretary. This degree implies that a guy who's reliable can survive false accusations

7° Provost and select. This degree shows that Truth dominates, and Justice triumphs, tempered with whim and forgiveness

8° Intendant from the Building. This degree represents the personal objective of title and position may cause strife

9° Master Elect of Nine. This degree shows that Truth frequently emerges in the clash of opinions, and to check out existence and duty and God with the minds of others who don't share exactly the same religious belief

10° Master Elect of 15 This degree stresses virtue of excellent citizenship which a guy should be loyal, brave and courageous within the conviction that right will ultimately prevail

12° Grand Master Architect. This degree shows that the standard of Whim via a spirit of empathy along with a tenderness of heart will enable someone to overlook injuries, in order to treat the offender much better than they deserve

13° Master from the Ninth Arch. This degree shows a brief history and legend of Enoch and prepares the candidate for that 14 degree

14° Grand Elect Mason. This degree describes the continual endeavor of perfection of character

15° Dark night from the East or Sword. This degree shows the key lesson through the illustration of Zerubbabel, of loyalty to conviction, fidelity to duty, and devotion to Truth

16° Prince of Jerusalem. This degree is really a drama from the rewards based in the training from the 15 degree

17° Dark night from the East and West. This degree shows that certain ought to learn from, and steer clear of repeating, the errors of history

18° Dark night from the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.. Within this degree, the concepts of tolerance are confirmed and grants or loans to every guy the authority to answer, in the own way, his convictions

19° Grand Pontiff. This degree claims the spiritual oneness of who have confidence in God and cherish anticipation of growing old, regardless of what religious leader to follow or what creed they profess. It's concerned mainly using the perennial conflict between light and darkness, good and evil, God and Satan.

20° Master ad Vitam. This degree is really a drama from the American spirit facing the task of disloyalty and treason. Masonic concepts and leadership are exposed to some crucial test. The amount demonstrates the Masonic condemnation of who conspire from the security of the united states and also the happiness in our people.

21° Patriarch Noachite. This degree shows that Freemasonry isn't a shield for evil doing which justice is among the chief supports in our fraternity.

22° Prince of Libanus. Within this degree, the dignity at work is shown. It's no curse, however a privilege, for guy to become permitted to earn his nutrition by work. Idleness, not labor, is disgraceful.

23° Chief from the Tabernacle. This degree shows that individuals with belief in God and passion for their fellow guy can make great sacrifices to assist others.

24° Prince from the Tabernacle. This degree shows that the mutual belief inside a Supreme Energy should bind all males together inside a world-wide brotherhood.

25° Dark night from the Brazen Serpent. This degree shows that you will find desert stretches in each and every individual existence within the good reputation for every nation, having a resultant introduction to discipline and lack of belief. This degree is really a clarion call to belief-in ourselves, in one another, as well as in God.

26° Prince of Whim. This degree shows the standard of whim that it's a spirit of empathy along with a tenderness of heart which dispose us to miss injuries and also to treat an offender much better than he warrants.

27° Commander from the Temple. This degree shows that Scottish Rite Freemasonry thinks in the idea of a totally free chapel inside a free condition, each supreme in the own sphere, neither trying to dominate another, but cooperating for that common good.

28° Dark night from the Sun. This degree while using meaning from the tools and implements of architecture shows that because they build high moral character among its enthusiasts, Freemasonry may advance man's determined mission for that achievement of oneness and good will around the world.

29° Dark night of St. Andrew. This degree stresses the Masonic teachings of equality and toleration. We're reminded that nobody guy, nobody Chapel, nobody religion, includes a monopoly of truth that although we have to be true and faithful to the own convictions, we have to respect the opinions of others.

30° Grand Elect Dark night Kadosh. This degree sets forth the tests and events that represent the encounters we have to undergo in regarding excellence in character.

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