William Morgan Freemasonry Exposed

September 16, 2015

Within the summer time of 1826, William Morgan of Batavia, New You are able to, introduced his intention to write a magazine subjecting the strategies of Freemasonry. On September 11 of this year he was kidnapped rather than seen again. Morgan was considered a traitor through the Masons along with a “Christian martyr” by their competitors. 54 Masons were indicted for his abduction and 10 put together guilty. Morgan’s disappearance brought towards the formation of America’s first “third party”, the Anti-Masonic Party. But maybe it was Morgan's body that cleaned ashore on Lake Ontario annually later, and were the Masons accountable for his dying?

William Morgan

Reason for Dying: Drowning

Accused: Freemasons

Nearly 220 years after his dying, it's still difficult to get a neutral rendition of William Morgan’s story. Within the 1800s, several books were written and released by Masonic organizations that portrayed Morgan like a drunk, a crook and usually a guy of low moral character.

They refused he has ever been a Mason which Masons had anything related to his murder. Actually they refused that William Morgan was killed whatsoever. This tradition continues today on Masonic internet sites. Another tradition that continues on the web is the fact that Freemasonry includes a sinister affect on all areas of world politics going far much deeper and wider than their public face indicate. To those enthusiasts, William Morgan would be a hero who died free of charge speech. The portraits of Morgan utilized by the 2 groups are very different. Anti-masonic groups tend to utilize a portrait showing Morgan as studious and delicate (above), as the Masons should you prefer a portrait of Morgan like a disgruntled old guy in tattered clothes (left).

We all know that William Morgan was created in Culpepper, Virginia in 1774 or 1775. He married Lucinda Pendleton of Richmond, Virginia in 1819 plus they had two children. Morgan stated he would be a Captain within the War of 1812, fighting with Andrew Jackson, however that has not been verified. He later gone to live in Little You are able to, Ontario (now Toronto), where he opened up a brewery. It had been there, Morgan stated, he was awarded with a Freemasons. When his brewery burned lower, he left Canada and gone to live in Rochester, New You are able to, then to Batavia, New You are able to. The Masons wonder if he was ever a Mason in Canada, and actually wonder if he ever possessed a brewery.

In New You are able to he attended a Masonic lodge in Leroy there grew to become a Royal Arch Mason, although the Masons claim there's no record he had ever received the preceding levels. Whenever a new chapter was suggested in Batavia, Morgan signed the petition, however prior to being given to the Grand Chapter, his title was removed and that he wasn't permitted membership within the Batavia chapter.

This, most probably, was the big event that motivated Morgan to create a magazine subjecting the strategies of Freemasonry. He partnered having a printer named David Cade Burns, and 2 other males, John Davids and Russel Dyer, to write it. Within the summer time of 1826 Morgan released an advert stating that a magazine would soon be accessible revealing the strategies of the Masons for any dollar a duplicate.

Right after, there have been mysterious fires at Miller’s print shop. It had been alleged the fires were set by freemasons, though they accused Burns of beginning the fires themself as advertisement for that approaching book. On September 11, 1826, William Morgan was charged with stealing a shirt and tie, and brought to some jail in Canandaigua, NY. He was soon launched for insufficient evidence, but immediately re-charged with failure to pay for a $2.69 debt for an innkeeper. On September 12, several males came and compensated Morgan’s fine. Because they required him away Morgan was heard hollering “Murder!” William Morgan never was seen alive again.


54 Masons were indicted for Morgan’s kidnapping. In 15 separate tests 10 Masons, including Niagara County Sheriff, Eli Bruce, were charged and given sentences varying from thirty days to twenty-eight several weeks. Because Morgan’s dying couldn't be confirmed, murder charges weren't introduced. Verdict: Responsible for kidnapping


In October 1827, an appearance cleaned on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Three inquests were held for that corpse. The very first stated your body was unknown. Within the second, the corpse was proven to William Morgan’s wife who recognized her husband mainly by his distinctive teeth-Morgan had two rows of teeth and many of these were damaged. His physician also recognized your body as Morgan. Thurlow Weed, a brand new You are able to politician in opposition to the Masons was around the inquest committee. The Freemasons accused Weed of mutilating the corpse to resemble Morgan. In the third inquest, your body was proven towards the wife of Timothy Monroe, another unrelated missing guy. Mrs. Monroe positively recognized the corpse as her husband which may be the ruling that was.

The Freemasons (then and today) accepted that the misguided number of their people did kidnap William Morgan but didn't kill him. They stated he was handed $500 and hang free in Canada. Morgan was allegedly seen alive such exotic places as Smyrnia within the Ottoman Empire, and also the Caymans. New You are able to Governor DeWitt Clinton (a Mason) offered a $1000 reward for information showing that Morgan was alive. It had been never collected.

Soon after his disappearance Morgan’s book, Illustrations of Masonry, was released (It had been republished later under other game titles, e.g.: Morgan’s Freemasonry Uncovered and Described, The Mysteries of Freemasonry). The publication, along with outrage within the light sentences because of the kidnappers thrilled a wave of anti-Masonic sentiment that spread across the nation. Thurlow Weed yet others created rapid-resided Anti-Masonic Party and went an applicant within the 1832 presidential election won by Andrew Jackson (a Mason). For the reason that election the Anti-Masonic party transported the condition of Vermont. The Anti-Masonic party was eventually absorbed through the Whigs and a few of their people were instrumental within the founding from the Republican Party.

In 1881 a monument to William Morgan was erected in Batavia, New You are able to, with this particular inscription:“Sacred towards the memory of Wm. Morgan, a local of Virginia, a Capt. within the War of 1812, a decent citizen of Batavia, along with a martyr towards the freedom of writing, printing and speaking the reality. He was kidnapped from near this place around 1826, by Freemasons and killed for revealing the strategies of their order. A legal court records of Genesee County, and also the files from the Batavia Advocate, stored within the Recorders office retain the good reputation for the occasions that triggered the erection of the monument.”

Freemasons label this the “Lie in Granite”



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The Morgan Affair. Freemasonry Exposed
The Morgan Affair. Freemasonry Exposed
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