What are the Freemasons Secrets?

April 3, 2017
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(Paris), in france they physician and author Maurice Caillet, an old Freemason and Worshipful Master, who transformed into Christianity, was questioned on 20 Feb Internet Radio Culturacattolica.it about Freemasonry, its subversive work and the conversion.

Caillet, boy of atheist parents as well as an avowed enemy from the Chapel from youth was joined right into a Lodge of Grande Orient of France in 1969 at age 35 years in Rennes. It is among the earliest and many effective Lodges. He continued to be there before the 18 Amount of the Rosicrucians. He ended up being given accessibility greater levels from the Scottish Rite, that are unknown to many Masonic brethren of lower grades. Caillet was thinking about the occult, whitened miracle and divination. He was one of the French pioneers of family planning within the 70s, and fought against for that distribution of artificial birth control methods and also the legalisation from the killing of unborn children. As part of the Socialist party and friend of Leader Mitterand as chair he experienced as master of his lodge an explosive curiosity about lodge membership after his election. It had been also feasible for the ambitious master to see top notch the influence from the Lodge siblings in politics, media, business and public service.

Back In 1984 he supported his sick wife to Lourdes where his existence required a radical turn. As he first observed full of in the existence, he heard a "soft voice calling me, and never the voice of my conscience, it had been still an outer voice. The voice known as me by my title and stated in my experience: It's good that you simply request me for stopping your spouse. What you are offering me?” At that time, he offered themself to themself. "It had been everything I needed to offer. Not really a little to become an atheist, who had been for 4 decades a Chapel and priest-hater, “ stated Caillet in a single of his books involved the big event at the outset of his conversion. Today, he's an honorary person in the Alliance Vita, which advocates for that protection of unborn existence. Caillet committed today are active against divorce, gay marriage, euthanasia, and also the lethal drug injection, while he “is to protect the right order of God, from the destructive plans of Freemasonry."

Caillets books have been in French, Italian, made an appearance The spanish language, Portuguese and Polish. The German Language translation, they aren't available. About Freemasonry, he authored, amongst other things: The Key from the Lodges within the Light of Christ (1998), Hedonism and Christianity (2001), With God There is nothing Impossible. The Present of Healing (2002), Freemasonry: Sin from the Spirit? (2002), the Occult and Christianity. Distinctive Helps (2005), A Catholic along with a Mason: is it feasible?(2008)

What's Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is nebulous. The folks you are available in from a number of motives, like the reason for their membership is diverse. Exactly what does it tell you they are? Formally towards the good will and also to enhance the people. Human reason using its forecasts as well as their justifications is really a type of deity for that Masons.

The way it came into being?

The legend holds that speculative Freemasonry within the 1700s was triggered by an evolution from the so-known as "operational" Freemasonry. The parable claims (but you will find various) that modern Freemasonry may be the heir from the medieval contractors of cathedrals. Therefore, the Masons claim that they can have exchanged the making of structures for that "edification around the globe.Inch By ideas, improper understanding.

Could it be correct that Freemasonry is linked to Judaism?

It is dependent. It's not easy to state that. It is a fact that within the interior from the lodge, a particular "compatibility" is available between your Jewish-Hebrew ideology. A completely heavenly hope and also the Masonic ideology, which signifies a completely earthly expect Christian believers, this really is different.

The truth is, you should stress the ideological impulse originates from the naturalism of Freemasonry, from the natural law philosophy, nominalism as well as from Protestantism. The fact is that Freemasonry aims to enforce a universal religion, Judaism a universal God. Also in this way there's a particular compatibility.

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