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January 10, 2018
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Masonic 33 degree symbol

The Masonic Connection

A Freemasonic link with all of the Megalithic lines of Washington Electricity can't be refused. Most of the Presidents involved with various critical stages of the introduction of the town were high-ranking Freemasons. Included in this are George Washington, Andrew Manley and Franklin D Roosevelt. There have been others however these three males appear to possess had probably the most influence in the introduction of this technique of Megalithic measures.

The truth is the later stages from the Megalithic adventure in Washington Electricity is, by itself, an allegorical story of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Within this branch from the Craft you will find 33 levels, or stages of initiation. Many Scottish Rite Masons attain the 32nd degree but very couple of become genuine, full- status 33 degree Freemasons. This type of factor didn't exist during the time of George Washington but both Andrew Manley and Franklin D Roosevelt accomplished this distinction.

The 32nd amount of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, like several others, includes a symbol, which within the situation from the 32nd degree is really a government, as proven within the picture around the left.

It may be observed that inside the 32 degree government is really a triangular, which triangular may be the sacred indication of the 33rd amount of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Now look again in the picture below.

This triangular couldn't came into existence, using its 33 X 366 Megalithic Yards (or 33 Megalithic seconds of arc from the Earth's polar circumference) before the Government was produced throughout the 1940's, around the express orders of 33rd degree Mason Leader Franklin D Roosevelt. Quite simply, the 33 degree status of Washington Electricity and then the U . s . States, couldn't be conferred before the Government from the 32nd degree was produced. This obviously introduced the 33rd degree triangular into existence. Seems like just a little far-fetched, you should know exactly what the 32nd and 33rd levels are really about.

The Storyline from the 32nd Amount of Scottish Rite Freemasonry

Every amount of Scottish Rite Freemasonry has its own connected tales and traditions. Within the situation from the 32nd degree this handles a youthful dark night through the title of 'Constans'. Constans, within the allegory, remains alone through the night in quiet meditation in the alter of the chapel inside a government formed military camping. He's told he mustn't leave this area under any conditions. Within the ritual, the figure of Constans is enticed by a number of different figures, all whom attempt to persuade him to depart his vigil and head off to make a move else. Constans refuses all of the lure.

Finally, he listens to that his camping continues to be assaulted which males are now being wiped out and ladies are now being violated. Despite his holy pledge Constans can no more remain in quiet meditation but dashes to participate in the fight.

When his buddies return and discover he went, Constans is, in the beginning, charged with as being a coward along with a guy who breaks his word, while he guaranteed to remain in the camping. However an appearance is introduced in on the bier which is seen to become those of Constans, who, it's recommended, fought against more fearlessly for his fellow males and ladies than every other soldier. He's therefore declared to become a hero and also the best kind of Freemason.

The Megalithic Triangle Washington DCThe U . s . States within the Late 1930's and Early 1940's

Lots of people within the U . s . States wanted nothing related to the wars which were ravaging Europe at the beginning of the 1940's and adopted an isolationist policy, similar to Constans in the alter of his chapel. But Leader Roosevelt and lots of like him often see when the planet would remain free and democratic, the U . s . States, using its huge assets and it is idealization of freedom would eventually need to participate in.

Obviously when Gem Harbor was bombed, in December of 1941, the U . s . States didn't have choice but to declare fight against Japan, but we have to keep in mind the Government, the place to find the U . s . States military effort, was began before date. The Government was commenced in September of 1941, two full several weeks before Gem Harbor. There is without doubt about this, the Leader understood without a doubt that eventually the U . s . States could stay no more in the alter from the chapel but would need to venture out in to the world and fight.

Earlier in the Presidency, Leader Roosevelt had guaranteed that no one's sons would need to die in certain foreign war. It was a promise he needed to break, but because they build the Government and finishing the triangular across Washington Electricity, Leader Roosevelt was acting the 32nd degree ritual with respect to the entire U . s . States. Every American citizen 'became' Constans and grew to become worth the 32nd and eventually the 33rd amount of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

And today remember this. Leader Franklin D Roosevelt was the 32nd Leader from the U . s . States!!!
Niether this site or any one of our books are appologies for Freemasonry. People must constitute their very own minds. In most cases we 'report' so we avoid making inflamatory comments. However, individuals who accuse Washington Electricity to be a haven for 'satanic' Freemasons, whose dubious objective would be to build some terrible, oppressive world by which liberties are extinguished, might prosper to basically think about the story from the 32nd degree, the mythical figure of Constans and also the actions from the Usa at the beginning of the 1940's. Meanwhile, individuals people, particularly some Christian believers, who claim all Freemasons to become demon-worshippers may also think about these matters. Considering the help the U . s . States gave, initially to Britain after which around the world directly throughout the entire of World war 2, wouldn't it be appropriate to quote something which Christian believers are told to keep in mind?

'Greater love hath no guy than this, he lay lower his existence for any friend.'

33rd Degree Freemasons
33rd Degree Freemasons
The Secret of the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry & Illuminati
The Secret of the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry & Illuminati ...
masons 1 the secret imparted at the 33rd degree ingilizce
masons 1 the secret imparted at the 33rd degree ingilizce
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