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April 27, 2017

Kenneth Copeland 33rd Degree
Freemason Uncovered

In the following paragraphs we'll attempt the very first time to unveil the reality of Kenneth Copeland's Masonic membership. As Kenneth is really a closet, secret Freemason who not need anybody to understand this truth, it will likely be a including task that should look deeply into any sort of clues. It's a trademark on most proud Masons to depart key symbols veiled into pictures also to use various key phrases in speeches or secret handshakes. Evidence of this are available in Masonry's most typical meaning of itself to be 'Freemasonry is really a peculiar system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, and highlighted by Symbols.' This really is taken from the 2nd degree initiation and evidence that it's still presently used was shown to me lately after i attended a Masonic open day and heard that very same description. The use of this quote when it comes to Copeland is going to be talked about below.

  • Kenneth Copeland began his ministry under Dental Roberts 33rd Degree Freemason like a pilot.
    Kenneth was on television sometime around June 1997 adoring Dental Roberts because they are close buddies.
    Evidence that Dental Roberts is really a 33rd Degree Freemason is going to be put together and released as quickly as possible.
  • Kenneth Copeland chants the language "I'mInch that is a Masonic initiation term.
    "And I only say this with all of respect, to ensure that it don't upset you also bad. But I only say it anyway: After I read within the Bible where He states, "I'm, " I simply smile and say, "Yes, I'm, too." Followers Voice of Victory broadcast This summer 9 1987
    Throughout the events from the Masonic ritual for that Royal Arch degree, the candidate is requested, "Brother Inspector, what exactly are you?" and that he replies, "I'm That I'm.Inch
    When Jesus told the jews before Abraham was "I'mInch he was claming is the God of Moses who passed that title. For this reason they attempted to kill him immediately. Kenneth is declaring to become a God.

    33rd Degree Freemason Robert Schuller also encourages his fans to chant "I'mInch
    "The very best mantras employ the "M" seem. You will get the design of it by repeating the language, "I'm, I'm, " many occasions over. Transendental Meditation or TM... isn't a religion neither is it always anti-Christian."
    Satisfaction Through Possibility Thinking, pp. 131-32

    Benny Hinn whom I believe is really a Freemason, also informs Christian believers to chant "I'm.Inch
    "Don't let me know you've Jesus. You're everything He was and everything He's and ever will be.Do not say, 'I have.' Say, 'I AM, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm.A Our Position in Christ #2-The Term Made Flesh audiotape Side 2 1991

  • Kenneth Copeland has mentioned that Jehovah means Half Male/ Half Female which God is really as much female because he is male.
    He amplifies this strange teaching by also stating that Adam was initially half male and half female.
    Based on the book "The Key Teachings Of Freemasonry" by Gordon Mohr this is just what the Masonic Lodge shows:- (on pages 107-108)

    In the first initiation stages he (the Freemason) discovers: 1 - The rite of initation for Apprentice Masons signifies in dramatic fashion the foundation or birth of Nature's god - the truly amazing All. It signifies the non-information on a supernatural person God, such as Christianity. It ensures that the 2 concepts of "matter" and "form", "male" and "female, " will always be forever producing, " (recreating). It appears on God like a hermaphrodite, and creation as the start of the "generation process." Obtained from: Speculative Masonry, by Brother J. Yorke, Grand Master from the Ancient Rite pages 3 &lifier 54

    2 - The initation rite in to the Second Degree, signifies the moral condition of nature's god, forever in labor, always recreating. Again it appears on God as hermaphroditic, and claims that his title JEHOVAH, means "generation." Intending to say, HE-SHE, the 2 sexes in a single. From Speculative Masonry page 14 &lifier Mackey's Lexion pages 126-129

    The twin principle of "male" and "female" is symbolized through the "square and compass." The "compass" signifies OSIRIS, a mans god from the Egyptians, as the "square" may be the symbol representing ISIS, the feminine goddess of Egypt - both of them are sexual symbols. Obtained from: Ragon's Cours. Philosophique page 102
    This mention of square and compass is important as Copeland has placed these symbols on a single of his tape covers.

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