Freemasonry and the Illuminati

October 13, 2015
Let s Set It Straight

By Peter Farley
Excerpted from Volume 5 of 'Where Had You Been Prior To The Tree of Existence?'

from 4ThruthSeekers Website

The Illuminati

“Popular history texts and encyclopedias generally fresh paint the Illuminati as getting its roots in 1776 Bavaria. However, the roots return much further. The Illuminati are tied directly through masonry towards the sun and Isis cults of ancient Egypt.

“The term “Illuminati” was utilized by one early author, Menendez Pelayo, as soon as 1492 and it is due to an organization referred to as “Alumbrados” of The country. The Alumbrados were stated to get secret understanding from a mystery greater source, leading to superior human intelligence. This group was condemned by an edict from the Grand Inquisition in 1623, with what was another fight within the lengthy-running war between your catholic Chapel and also the secret communities.

“Some authors declare that an organization referred to as “Illumined Ones” began by Joachim of Floris within the eleventh century and trained a primitive, allegedly Christian doctrine of “poverty and equality.” This plan to disguise Illuminism behind a skinny veil of Christianity has become a properly-established theme. Later, this group is stated to possess become violent, plundering the wealthy and therefore discrediting Christianity in general.

“Still other authors trace the Illuminati towards the dreaded Ishmalean sect of Islam, also called “the Assassins.” Founded in 1090 by Hassan Sabah, this group combined using the drug hashish with murder his or her primary road to illumination.

“Killing would be a mystical experience for this branch from the Mystery Schools. They not just maintained what they can control by murder and risks of murder, they thought the assassin could get the gnosis, or soul energy in the victim. This is actually the concept of a persons and animal sacrifices of Satanists throughout history (and also the ritual child abuse etc).

“Primitive religions obtain the same effect by dancing and drumbeating. Seeking this type of illumination was the primary attraction of medication like marijuana, hashish, and LSD to teens from the sixties and also the seventies. Buddhists can gain exactly the same illumination through sexual traditions referred to as Tantric Yoga, or with the variations of mediation. Witchcraft covens still meet within the nude and take part in group sexual traditions for the similar effect. Mass participation in animal sacrifice is a different way to scavenge gnosis.

“The sad truth is that although sex, drugs, dancing, and drumbeating are thought to produce lots of gnosis, Satanists think that sacrifices release much more of it than other things. Such would be the dark and sordid machinations from the deluded souls who think their gnosis accumulations and illumination can give them some type of deity or growing old. . .”

“. . . With what might be probably the most superbly composed denunciation of Masonry ever written, p Poncins authored:

“The great task of freemasonry would be to spread ideas sometimes noble and delightful to look at but actually destructive, which the prototype may be the famous motto: Liberty, equality, fraternity.”

“Masonry, a huge organism of propaganda, functions by slow suggestion, distributing the newest ferment within an insidious manner. The heads sow it one of the inner lodges, these transmit it towards the lower lodges whence it permeates in to the affiliated institutions and in to the press, that takes in hands the general public.Inches

“Tirelessly and throughout the required period of time, the suggestion . . . works upon public opinion and styles it to require for that reforms that nations die. In 1789 and 1848 [time from the French revolutions], freemasonry, in the momentary command of energy, unsuccessful in the supreme endeavor. Trained by these encounters, its progress is becoming reduced and surer. When when the revolutionary preparation is acquired and judged sufficient, masonry leaves the area towards the militant organizations, Carbonari, Bolshevists, or any other open or secret communities, and retires into shadows without anyone's knowledge. There it's not jeopardized just in case of check, it appears to possess continued to be apart, and it is all of the able to better continue or occupy again its work, just like a gnawing earthworm, obscure and wrecking.”

“Masonry never works within the full light of day. Everybody knows of their existence, its meeting places as well as a lot of its adepts, only one is unaware of its real aims, its real means, its real leaders. The immense most of masons are for the reason that position. They're just the blind machinery from the sect that they serve... Many honest masons are extremely blind they could be stupefied when they understood for which you have used them.Inches

The Masonic Ritual revealed

“Every Mason swears to some oaths so ancient that the separate term continues to be put aside to explain them. They are known as “blood oaths.”

“Masonry, as you may know it today in the usa, is regarded as getting thirty-third levels, or levels. Many offshoot organizations allow us through the years which have tried to add more levels over the openly known thirty-three. Mormonism is a such offshoot. As proven inside a later chapter, its founder Frederick Cruz, and many, if not completely of his initial group of friends of supporters were Masons. He lent heavily from Masonic ritual for his recently-produced Mormon events.

“With each successive degree, the Mason must swear to more and more cruel and barbarous oaths. The next particulars from the initiation oaths from the first three levels of Masonry are carefully guarded Masonic secrets. Actually, every Mason musts swear to kill any fellow mason who discloses them. Fortunately for humanity, however, several brave souls within the last two centuries have felt compelled to talk out, posting this “secret work” for that world to determine. It's because of these courageous males we have the precise wording and traditions with a minimum of the very first three levels.”

The private experience with Lucifer isn't frequently referred to in literature. What it really was enjoy being Hitler residing in an actual body using the incarnational Luciferian energy are only able to be suggested at in the biographies. The standard Hollywood concept of fangs and claws and enormous ‘devilish’ physiques is really a stereotype that doesn't associate towards the assimilation of those powers into 3rd dimensional living. Possibly a number of Aleister Crowley’s existence might hint in internet marketing simply. Alan Richardson, possibly to some degree, manifests in the book Earth God Rising, the slow descent into what could be known as Luciferianism.

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