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October 28, 2015
The under 35 degree team who

In England only 75 Freemasons could be 33rd degree previously. Headquarters of Supreme Council 33 Degree reaches 10 Duke Street, London. (Referred to as Grand East by Masons) Your building consists of a 'Black Room' a 'Red Room' along with a 'Chamber of Death' for ritual reasons. No Mason can go above the 18th Degree with no unanimous agreement from the entire Supreme Council. Probably the most senior 33rd Degree Mason is called the 'Most Puissant Sovereign Commander' The British working from the rite - commonly known as through the code title Rose Croix in the title from the initiate towards the 18th Degree - is different from the American in a single fundamental respect. In Britain merely a couple of from the 33rd levels are conferred by special ritual, whilst in the USA each degree features its own initiation ceremony. In England the fourth towards the 17th Levels are conferred at the same time as well as in title only throughout initiation from the selected Freemason towards the 18th Degree. Towards the couple of who rise greater compared to 18th Degree, the 19th to 29th are conferred nominally throughout the ritual of initiation towards the 30th Degree - those of Grand Chosen Dark night Kadosh or Dark night from the Black and Whitened Bald eagle. Levels over the 30th are conferred singly.

Extracts from Stephen Dark night: The Brotherhood: Pages 38-45

Extract from ‘The deadly deception’ by Jim Shaw. *33rd degree.* Dark night Commander from the Court of Honor. *Past Worshipful Master, Blue Lodge * Past Master of Scottish Rite physiques (Note: Masons state that Jim Shaw didn't go up to he claims - I am unable to confirm - but his account certainly has got the ring of truth)

To be able to get the 33rd degree it had been necessary that i can visit Washington Electricity. The initiation and related functions would last 72 hours.I travelled to Washington National Airport terminal and required taxis towards the ‘House from the Temple’ on Northwest 16th Street. Upon coming in the Temple I had been met with a receptionist who requested me basically was there to get the 33rd degree. I had been surprised to locate a lady in individuals sacred Masonic precincts, but stated which i was, and demonstrated her my letter in the Supreme Council. She then explained that to be able to get the degree I'd be anticipated to create a minimum donation of the large amount of cash (a minimum of it had been a really great amount for me personally) This required me completely unexpectedly in order for there was not a thing in regards to a ‘minimum donation’ within the letter delivered to me through the Supreme Council. I did not carry that quantity beside me coupled with left my chequebook in your own home, however i could borrow the cash from among the other males, and gave it to her. We candidates counseled me unhappy relating to this uncomfortable surprise and grumbled to each other about this, but i was not unhappy enough to forsake the amount regarding this. I was too near to the top mountain to show back at that time.

The Temple itself

Home of the Temple is very impressive - a little awesome, really. Standing large, gray and quiet around the east-side of Northwest 16th Street, between ‘R’ and ‘S’ Roads, it looms very wide and tall in the curb. There's an enormous expanse of granite pavement before it, including three amounts of thinning steps because the entrance is contacted. Begin to see the 33rd degree magazine cover



Flanking the doorway are a couple of Sphinx like granite lions with women’s heads, the neck of 1 entwined with a cobra and decorated using the “ankh” (the Egyptian indication of existence and deity)

Decorating the neck and breast from the other may be the picture of a lady, synonymous with fertility and procreation. Within the pavement, just while watching tall bronze doorways, are a couple of Egyptian swords with curved, serpentine rotor blades and, backward and forward swords, brass letters set in to the stone saying “The Temple from the Supreme Council from the Thirty third and last amount of the traditional and Recognized Scottish Rite”

Within the tall, bronze doorways, reduce the stone, may be the statement, “Freemasonry develops its Temples within the hearts of males using one of nations”

High over the entrance, partly hidden by stone posts, is definitely an elaborate picture of the Egyptian Sun God, backed with radiating sun and between six large golden snakes.

Inside is elegance: polished marble flooring, exotic wood, gold and statuary. You will find offices, a library, dining area, kitchen, Council Room, “Temple Room” along with a large meeting room. This room is sort of a luxurious theatre, rather stylishly furnished and decorated. The ceiling is fast, with lights set in it to own appearance of stars. These lights can also be designed to twinkle like stars on the horizon. There's a stage, well outfitted, which is all nicely done. But the one thing that's most noticeable is how a walls are decorated with serpents. You will find all types some very lengthy and enormous. Most of the Scottish Rite levels range from the representation of serpents, and that i recognised them among individuals designing the walls.

It had been all most impressive and offered me a strange combination of the sensations to be inside a Temple along with a tomb - something sacred but threatening.

Questioned through the Supreme Council

The very first day was dedicated to registration, briefings and interviews. I was all known as into among the offices, individually, and questioned by three people from the Supreme Council. When my turn came I had been brought in to the office and sitting. The initial question I had been requested was, “Of what religion are you currently?” Not lengthy before I'd have clarified with something similar to, “I believe the traditional Mysteries, the ‘Old Religion, ’ but in reincarnation.” However, without thinking whatsoever on how to answer, I discovered myself saying, “I m a Christian, ”

Then, as it turned out, and their own, I requested of these, “ Are you currently males born again?”

The guy in control rapidly stopped me by saying “We’re not here to discuss that - we're here to request you questions.” Once they sent me out I sitting lower and considered it. Once the next guy arrived on the scene, I requested him, “Did they request you if you're a Christian?” He stated, “Yes, they did.”

“What have you let them know?” I requested, and that he responded,
“I said excitedly ‘Hell no, and that i never plan to be!’”

He then stated an unusual factor in my experience, “They stated I’m going greater, ” and that he left via a different door, searching pleased.

Being a Sovereign Grand Inspector General

The 2nd day was your day of the particular initiation, locked in the theatre-like meeting room. Individuals people who have been finding the degree were sitting and also the ceremony was “exemplified” (behaved in full costume) before us, in the same manner that people had carried out the lesser levels from the Scottish Rite all individuals years. The various components within the exemplification were performed by males from the 33rd Degree.

The representative candidate was outfitted in black pants, barefooted, bareheaded and covered inside a lengthy, black robe that brought to mind very lengthy, black raincoat. He'd a black cabletow round his neck but wasn't hoodwinked. Throughout the initiation he was brought round the stage, carried out by two males with swords, because the degree was carried out for all of us.

Instructions and signs received. Upon the altar were four “holy books” (the Bible, the Quran, it from the Law and also the Hindu Scriptures). At some point the “candidate” was told to hug it “of your religion” and, representing all of us, he leaned forward and accomplished it.

I appreciated the very first Degree initiation, after i was told to hug the Bible, and at that time something came full cycle. It had been the ultimate such hug to take part in my existence.

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