What are the Masonic Secrets?

March 8, 2016
The Atlantean Conspiracy:

Photo credit: A Rose Croix Banquet (agapes des chevaliers). Le Soleil Mystique, Journal p la Maçonnerie niverselle, 1853, facing p. 144.

Enough already! We've been inundated with books, documentaries, and Hollywood productions adding for an picture of Freemasonry fabricated by authors and conspiracy advocates who, typically, haven't even seen within a Masonic lodge room. Fingers happen to be pointed, gossips happen to be spuriously circulated, and whispers abound of secrets which are allegedly stashed by choose society of males. What’s driving me crazy is the fact that none from it is continues to be accurate or totally truthful! Absolutely none of those revelations—fictional, historic, or contrived alike—even compare to revealing the strict domain names of Freemasonry.

I'm going to set the record straight for good. Unlike the creative writers, script authors, and outright charlatans who've set the present stage for all of us, I lay before you decide to my bona fides like a Master Mason along with a Past Master within the jurisdiction from the Grand Lodge of California, F.&A.M. If without other reason rather than steer clear of the madness, I declare that i'm knowledgeable and proficient enough and most prepared to finally give out, the readers, what everybody apparently really wants to know: What's the secret that Masonry so carefully pads and what's the Lost Word it alludes to? Be advised. Things I am going to reveal is neither as exciting as you may hope neither is it fodder for imaginary decoration. It’s only the plain, simple truth recognized to Masons everywhere.

Question: What's Freemasonry’s most carefully guarded secret?

Answer: Whenever you be a Mason, you will get weight!

It is true! Request any Mason. We like to eat and exactly what we all do has some type of food involved: mentioned meeting dinners, banquets, and everything from snacks to full-blown repasts pre and post levels. It’s all just a fact of existence in Freemasonry. Why is matters a whole lot worse is the fact that someone like my spouse, an authorized Diet professional, would plain disapprove on most in our menus. Just to illustrate: within the 5 years I've been a Mason, I've acquired thirty pounds! (Within the interests of full disclosure, I have to admit that I’ve been married during the last three of individuals 5 years, and marriage might have led towards the gain.) Practically our siblings complain that hanging their suits and tuxedoes in closets in some way causes the material to contract. Exactly the same phenomenon continues to be observed using the diminishing apron ties and devices of Past Master apron!

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