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January 4, 2018
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Question: "Should a Christian be part of a secret society?"


Just like any question of a good inclination and conduct, a Christian must first have laid lower a good first step toward concepts according to God’s knowledge through His Spirit (John 14:26 16:13–14 1 John 5:6) and the Word (Psalm 119:105 2 Timothy 3:16–17). This idea is particularly important whenever a Christian views joining a secret society. The word secret society is frequently questionable and incendiary, similar to the word cult. Individuals owned by what most would classify like a secret society frequently deny their organization is simply that. With this particular because, you should define exactly what a secret society is.

Alan Axelrod, author from the Worldwide Encyclopedia of Secret Communities and Fraternal Orders, defines a secret society being an organization that's highly exclusive, claims is the purveyor of special secrets, and it has a subscription that's strongly inclined toward each other.

David V. Barrett, secretly Communities: In the Ancient and Arcane towards the Modern and Clandestine, lists these qualities:
• It's “carefully rated and advanced teachings”
• Teachings are “available simply to selected individuals”
• Teachings result in “hidden (and ‘unique’) truths”
• Facts bring “personal benefits past the achieve as well as the knowledge of the uninitiated”

So, secret communities (for example Freemasonry) are organizations which are only at their people, keep certain “truths” from outsiders, and frequently, through teaching and traditions, promote a hierarchy of progression its people make an effort to attain—ostensibly to enhance themselves and society in particular.

Secret communities pose numerous trouble for a believer. First, the idea of a secret society is extra-scriptural at the best, and anti-scriptural at worst. The Bible sets no precedent that encourages joining a company marked by secrecy and “hidden truth.” God never instructions it, and you will find no good examples of godly males in Scripture who became a member of one.

Some have a tendency to relate secret communities towards the Holy of Holies within the Jerusalem temple, a location where access was forbidden to anybody except our prime priest—and he can just enter on a single day annually. But there's no true relation. Although just the high priest could go into the Holiest Place, everybody understood what he did while there. He carried out not a secret traditions or rituals. Everything he did was organized within the Law of Moses. Any recommended commonalities between your Holy of Holies as well as other secret communities are extra-scriptural contrivances, and they don't follow God’s prescription for pleasing Him.

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