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January 16, 2018
Of The Secrets of Masonic

Symbolic representations from the triplex structure for DNA may sometimes appear from lack of knowledge from the meaning behind it, yet an emblem is nevertheless an emblem. Don't let worry about symbols or being able to know very well what they represent? YES! Devils are empowered by images, statues and symbols. Surely you realize the professionals from the Occult, secret communities and also the Roman Catholic chapel are obsessive about them.

Matthew 10:16: "Behold, I give back out as sheep at the time of baby wolves so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves."

2 Corinthians 2:11: "."

Let us clue directly into this DNA upgrade plan, that is a key aspect of the dragon's plan that's the large secret underlying others. The best goal isn't intended as revealed plainly but revealed following the types of the occult, meaning, "hidden."

"The mental mechanism that transforms energy may be the symbol." (Carl Jung)

"To cast a spell would be to project energy via a symbol." (Starhawk - from "The Spiral Dance" (popular manual for witchcraft))

Err. The "spiral" dance. Ascension via a DNA upgrade?
Will it really matter if the transformation of guy can come through altering his DNA from the double to some triple helix? It can make the main difference between your truth and error, that is anything and anything else. Once the The almighty discloses a factor it's for the good. Some people have to know this truth! When we intend found worthy in the Bridegroom's coming we can not be casual about discerning matters, even individuals lengthy shrouded in deceptiveness. A really high amount of discernment is really a requirement. 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12

These blog publish introduced a few images in the 2002 Winter Olympic games. Let us compare the "snowflake" logo design to a different popular image, the Masonic square and compass, their most familiar imagery. This can validate the interpretation I offered and provide another triple-strand DNA connection. You can observe the sex act pictured both in, one seen in one position, another from another. Would you see what you are searching at? We are not visiting a harmless adolescent prank here. The truth hidden within the symbol may be the secret that some individuals behind these symbols guard using their very lives. Your existence is effected in no small way in what the symbol signifies! The procreative act because started within the garden of Eden and led to nov guy. This epic saga ongoing because the sons of god required the kids of males as spouses. (Genesis 6) This procreative act continues until it might be a principal feature in the finish from the age once the true Deliverer comes and destroys the job, creating Their own kingdom on the planet. (Daniel 2)

Whenever you take a look at these images now, would you have it? It's not easy to simply accept how we've been so naive, how individuals we have reliable to tell the truth have tricked us. Yet, we have to. Forgive, and move ahead. Just like we're deliberately mislead by individuals marketing the Olympic logo design like a snowflake the Masons trick their very own initiates concerning the concept of their symbols and practices. Years back, Albert Pike, an important Freemason, leaking the beans around the disinformation ploy used by the Freemasons.

"Area of the symbols are displayed there towards the Initiate, but he's deliberately fooled by false understanding. It's not intended he shall understand them but it's intended he shall imagine he knows them. Their true explication is restricted to the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry." (Morals and Dogma)

Exactly what the initiates are told is not even close to the entire story. I have plainly declared exactly what the square and compass really signifies. It's precisely identical to the Olympic meaning from Beijing. You'll find some validation of the items I am suggesting on the page entitled Compass &lifier Square. (excerpted out of this bigger document)

The compass signifies the heavenly male and also the square, the earthly female. The compass may be the Sun and Lick and also the square may be the moon and Bride. Think about these quotes in the above-linked documents. "Throughout the granting from the First, Second and Third Levels, the compass and square are put upon the altar from the Temple within an interconnected fashion, representing the divine Light because it unites using the candidate and fills him with growing understanding. Simultaneously, this can lead to his "rebirth" since it's raised from the dead "offspring"." "The letter "G" (symbols of God's secret Title) seems between your intertwining compass and square and it is paralleled by Philo's explanation the union from the statues within the Jewish Temple symbolized God's "consorting" using the soul, and the "divinizing" from the recipient."
What they are not making plain is this fact isn't the true God's work however the dragon's, and, it results in dying, not existence!
They aren't directly revealing it ultimately involves a DNA transformation. You will find other Masonic symbols for your.

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