George Washington And Freemasonry

December 9, 2015

George Washington became a member of the Masonic Lodge in Fredericksburg, Virginia at age 20 in 1752. His Masonic membership, such as the others public game titles and responsibilities he carried out, was expected from the youthful guy of his social status in colonial Virginia. Throughout world war 2 for Independence, General Washington attended Masonic celebration and spiritual observances in a number of states. Also, he supported Masonic Lodges that created within military regiments.

At his first inauguration in 1791, Leader Washington required his oath of office on the Bible from St. John's Lodge in New You are able to. Throughout his two terms, he visited Masons in North and Sc and presided within the cornerstone ceremony for that U.S. Capitol in 1793.

In retirement, Washington grew to become charter Master from the recently chartered Alexandria Lodge No. 22, sitting for any portrait in the Masonic regalia, as well as in dying, was hidden with Masonic honors.

Such was Washington's character, that from almost your day he required his Masonic obligations until his dying, he grew to become exactly the same guy privately he was at public. In Masonic terms, he continued to be "a just and upright Mason" and grew to become a real Master Mason. Washington was, in Masonic terms, a “living stone” who grew to become the premise of yankee civilization. He continues to be milestone others cultures follow into liberty and equality. He's Freemasonry's “perfect ashlar” where numerous Master Masons gauge their labors in their own individual Lodges and in their own individual towns.


  • October - Apparently visited Lodge No. 9 at Yorktown, Veterans administration with General Lafayette after defeat of British General Cornwallis


  • Siblings Watson and Cassoul of Nantes, France present Washington with exquisite silk Masonic apron, acknowledged by letter dated August 10


  • June 24, 1784 - Made an honorary person in Alexandria Lodge No. 39 (Now Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22) Alexandria, Virginia
  • April 28, 1788 - Named Charter Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 whenever a new charter in the Grand Lodge of Virginia was released. All re-chosen Master December 20, 1788 for just one year.


  • Chosen honorary person in Holland Lodge No. 8, New You are able to, NY
  • April 30- Inaugurated Leader from the U . s . States using Bible from St. John's Lodge No. 1, New You are able to


  • May 1791 - Received the greetings from the Grand Lodge of Sc by General Mordecai Gist, Grand Master, Charleston, SC


  • September 18 Acting Grand Master - Laid the premise for that U . s . States Capitol, Washington, D.C. 1794 Sitting for William Williams, portraitist, in Masonic regalia in the request of Alexandria Lodge 1797 March 28 Received a Masonic delegation from Alexandria Lodge
Freemasonry and our History
Freemasonry and our History
George Washington, Freemasonry, Sirius, & Washington
George Washington, Freemasonry, Sirius, & Washington ...
George Washington and the Freemasons, page 1
George Washington and the Freemasons, page 1
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