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July 18, 2015
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2B1.jpg (28583 bytes)Freemasonry never introduced a tear Never slandered guy or lady Never came sword against an opponent Never trained anybody to profane his Makers title Never tried to propagate a creed save its very own nor a faith save the universal, immutable religion. The reason for human progress and human freedom is our cause. Every subjects soul is their own.
- Jewels of Masonic Eloquence and Tales: Masonic Research Society Enid, Oklahoma, USA 1915

Would you like to understand how to be a Freemason? Here's some fundamental information that ought to address the issue: "How do you be a Mason?"

Freemasonry has its own lodges through the free world. You will find Masons meeting in nearly every town and village and - except where repressive government authorities make their existence difficult - they are readily found. None of those lodges was ever organized consequently regardless of the sort of 'missionary' work: they has been around since because several Masons desired to share the friendship and fraternity with other people in the region.

What's SO frequently misinterpreted is a straightforward fact: you will find couple of but important needs to become Freemason!

While they're mentioned in slightly different words in a variety of areas (along with a couple of areas might have a couple of needs beyond these), they essentially are the following:

  1. As being a guy, freeborn, of excellent repute and well-suggested
  2. A belief inside a Supreme Being
  3. Capability to support a person's self and family
  4. Of authorized age and
  5. Arrived at Freemasonry of the "own freedom and accord".

Freemasonry is definitely an initiatic experience. You cannot be a Mason by reading through a magazine or by chilling out on the web.

Let us check out the needs for being a Mason individually:

As being a guy, freeborn, of excellent repute and well-suggested

Masonry started like a male organization. You will find women's groups and categories of mixed male-female membership using traditions much like those of the main body of Freemasons around the world. A few of these groups receive acknowledgement (although not 'recognition') because of their adherence to high moral concepts etc. while some are frowned upon. It's, in the end, really simple for anybody to assert that they're the mind of the Masonic group and start to acquire people. (Check our listing of regular/recognized Grand Lodges here and you'll desire to browse our section on Fake Masonry here.)

The advantages of being "freeborn" harkens to the first times of Freemasonry. It grew to become essential since only individuals free of indentured service being an apprentice or bondsman (as numerous were in 17th century England, for instance), could truly make choices on their own.

Being of excellent repute is yet another important factor. Masons don't want to inspire membership by individuals whose actions would stain the status from the fraternity. In certain areas this really is particularly mentioned but in most, it's practiced!

A properly-suggested individual is one to whom these guys prepared to vouch. Individuals who become Freemasons happen to be suggested with a proposer after which examined by lodge people to make sure that the candidate may benefit from his membership.

Belief inside a Supreme Being

The main 'bone of contention' for many detractors, Masonry doesn't make an effort to define or delineate the way a person should pray in order to whom worship ought to be addressed.

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