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March 28, 2017
But Masonic symbols

masonic symbolsAs I needed to divert attention with that first day to ensure that I possibly could make certain to get involved with City Hall before dark, going back I could capture numerous nice pictures from the Masonic lodge.

It had been after-hrs (after 5pm, nearly everything shuts in Philadelphia), however i was still being in a position to capture some obvious pictures of this building, which may later assist me to in verifying a few of the history that I’d already collected concerning the Masonic good reputation for this building and it is people.

What I must reveal to you within this update is really a lineage and history that even many citizens of Philadelphia (or America for your matter) realize concerning the people of the secret society, a lot of whom were the founding fathers of the united states. Obviously, for individuals which have analyzed masonic history in the usa, there is no secrete the country and it is Metabolic rate were greatly affected by masonic – or Illuminati – concepts.

Multiplication of Illuminati in the usa

So why do I personally use the terms masonic and Illuminati interchangeably? Because, ultimately the mystic concepts that masonic people integrated into their society and it is documents were greatly attracted in the documents of Adam Weishaupt – the founding father of the Perfectibilists, or even the “Illuminati”.

After meeting with Terry Melanson, who I consider among the foremost historians around the early good reputation for the Illuminati, after looking at his book “Perfectibilists”, I needed to carry on my Illuminati research by hearing aid technology history recorded and evidence by Terry in the book, towards the actions and developments happening in the usa inside the time period.

It's little secret that lots of the founding fathers were area of the Masonic society, what lots of people don’t realize would be that the Masonic documents and practices symbolized multiplication of Weishaupt’s Illuminati ideals in the usa.

Exactly what does this have related to the masonic symbols and also the good reputation for the Grand Lodge of Philadelphia? We’ll make it happen, my buddies. However, we begin a couple of years before the making of the Lodge, which happened in 1867. (6)

masonic symbols

The Philadelphes of France

The Illuminati concepts that started active revolt in France were exactly the same concepts of spiritual and individual freedom and liberty that drove the American revolution. However, returning towards the 1700s, J.J.C Bode managed to get very obvious the masons in France – known as the Philadelphes – were actually the Illuminati, as he authored:

“We agreed…for France, we'd adopt the title Philadelphes rather than Illuminati.” (1)

What's most intriguing in my experience may be the link between the Philadelphes and America that's recorded in 1861, only 6 years just before the contruction fo the Grand Lodge of Philadelphia – showing the Mason-Illuminati were quite active in going after their efforts of distributing the membership in the usa.

Within the document entitled “Grand Lodge from the Philadelphes – General Statutes” dated 1861, a Communication released from E. Benoit, the Leader from the Grand Lodge of Philadelphes in 1860 states:

“Moreover you have to judge of the tree by its fruits. Well, are you able to mention in your huge Masonic empire just one Lodge which has created such results? In just 10 years, she's started above 300 profanes she's founded Lodges in Belgium, Europe, England, while you well know, and America and her children, indefatigable apostles of Masonry, have elevated the very first Masonic temple at Ballarat.”

This reference to America within the Philadelphes document is obvious evidence the Philadelphes were active in the usa. The truth that William Penn, based on the Texas Grand Lodge Magazine, would be a Mason (5) – the guy who named the town of Philadelphia – is further evidence of the influence from the Philadelphes at this time around in the usa.

The making of the Masonic Lodge of Philadelphia

In 1867, the masons of Philadelphia bought all coupled with the youthful freemason, James Windrim, function as the architect – integrating numerous masonic symbols into its architecture.

While you will find plenty of clues within individuals masonic symbols and included in the architecture which i do not have time for you to cover here – you will find a few that must definitely be pointed out. The very first is the interior architecture – the truth that the Masonic temple has sevel lodge halls, openly described as representing the sevel “ideal” architectures of Freemasonry.

It's interesting to notice that within the Promise of Concepts, disposition number 21 reads, “In the banquets and fetes from the Orator you will find seven obilgatory toasts” – individuals seven will be to the oppressed of nations, the Grand Lodge, towards the leader from the Lodge, the 2 Wardens, the Site visitors, the Officials from the Lodge, and all sorts of “Masons of both hemispheres”. (2)

That may be coincidence, what is of much less likely coincidence may be the interesting rose symbols that comprise a couple of from the home windows – specially the one most pronounced within the primary entrance.

Many people are very acquainted with the triangles and all sorts of-seeing eye as indicating the Illuminati and Freemasonry, what are these flower masonic symbols about?

The Mystical Rose Croix

The solution originates from the “Primitive Rite” connected to the Lodge from the Philadelphus. The rite is dated to France in 1780 as well as in explaining the different classes and levels of mason, particularly states under Third Class 5 levels of “Rose Croix”. They are levels above those of Master Mason.

The document reads:

“The 4th and last Chapter of Rose Croix, or Rose Croix Brethren from the Grand Rosary, involved in researches in to the occult sciences, the item to be the rehab of guy in the primitive rank and prerogatives.”

What's the Rose Croix? Comprehending the masonic indication of the rose within the architecture, art, as well as inside the garb that masonic people from the Lodge where's the initial step to understand the real good reputation for the key society that even Leader Washington themself was part of.

This really is defined inside a book entitled “History &lifier Doctrines from the Rose-Croix” by Paul Sedir (5), as “one from the manifestations from the Providence of God.”

After explaining the metaphysical fundamentals from the Rose-Croix, Sedir describes its integration in to the belief system of the secret society:

“But our planet is constitutionally not capable of conserving the present which God has provided it for lengthy without deforming it guy has got the energy to stray in the road this was attracted out for him. Then Divine Whim transmits creatures who bring hope or perhaps an exemplar who comes among males to experience the function satisfied through the comets within the cosmos. Such may be the purpose of secret communities such may be the mission from the messengers from the Absolute, particularly the Rose-Croix.”

The real reason for the rose – or particularly the rose on the top of the mix, creating the 8-piece symbol – occurs page 23:

“After triangular emblems, the seal of Brahatma and also the triangular from the holy syllable, probably the most ancient Masonic emblem that the ancient priesthood has bequeathed is the Rose-Croix.”

And additional explaining the symbol:

“This rose was placed in the heart of a mix, since the latter expressed for them the thought of rectitude and infinity of rectitude, through the intersection of their lines in a right position as well as infinity, since these lines could be extended to infinity which, with a rotation produced by the idea concerning the verticle line, they represent the triple senses of hight, breadth and depth.”

Illuminati in the usa

So, exactly what does this suggest for that road to my Illuminati research in attempting to trace the road of the several secret communities all over the world? It really means what lots of people have assumed holds true – the illuminati concepts established by Adam Weishaupt make up the core of Masonic values.

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