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July 27, 2018
Louis Armstrong (August 4
Born in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, Louis Remedy is regarded as the most crucial improviser in jazz and probably the most important influences on last century music. Although frequently stated to become a freemason and part of Montgomery Lodge No. 18, New You are able to, 2 there's no such lodge.3 Remedy authored in the autobiography he was part of a lodge from the Knights in combat of Pythias.4 Non-mason
2.Particularly in Celebration from the Craft, John Hamill, et al.. JG Press 1998. ISBN:.
3.The Masonic Philatelic Club Magazine, Problem No. 72, April 1996. p. 23, acting editor, Maurice Beazley. Excerpts from letters caused by W. Bro. Frederick A. Walkes, Junior. [founder and leader from the Phylaxis Society] regarding Louis Remedy owned by a masonic lodge. The very first, dated 1992, reads:
"...no such Lodge underneath the jurisdiction from the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of recent You are able to underneath the title of Montgomery Lodge No. 18. There's a Hiram Lodge No. 18, which jurisdiction doesn't assign exactly the same number two times holiday to a Lodge in it’s history."
Inside a subsequent letter received by Maurice Beazley in 1996, Bro Walkes creates:
"Remedy might have perfectly belonged to one of the numerous "bogus" groups operating in New You are able to City, and you will find lots of them, a minimum of six Grand Lodges, none identified by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, he wasn't part of the standard Prince Hall family."
4.Satchmo. My Existence in New Orleans. New You are able to : Prentice-Hall, Corporation., 1954. LCN : 54-9628. hc. 240 p.. pp. 224-225: 'All the large, well-known Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs switched out during the last large parade I saw in New Orleans. All of them attempted to one-up one another plus they certainly looked swell. One of the clubs symbolized were The Bulls, The Hobgoblins, The Zulus, The Tammanys, The Teenagers Twenties (Zutty Singleton’s club), The Merry-Go-Models, The Deweys, The Tulane Club, The Teenagers Vidalias, The Cash Wasters, The Jolly Boys, The Turtles, The Initial Increases, The San Jacintos, The Autocrats, The Odd Guys, The Masons, The Knights in combat of Pythias (my lodge), and also the Gemstone Increases from in the Irish Funnel.' He later creates: 'One day part of my club, The Tammany Social Aid and Pleasure Club, died.' [p. 163.]
THIRD WORLD - 96 DEGREES IN THE SHADE ° Sunsplash 1983 by
THIRD WORLD - 96 DEGREES IN THE SHADE ° Sunsplash 1983 by ...
johnny winter third degree
johnny winter third degree
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