Freemasons 3RD degree

July 21, 2018
Over 75 Master Masons attended


The Lodge is open within the First Degree.

Worshipful Master demands Joined Apprentices apart from Candidate to withdraw and signifies with appropriate words the next clients are to pass through Brother __________

Junior Deacon would go to Candidate takes him by right hands and leads him to put North of Senior Warden's pedestal both lacing East and releases hands.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Brethren, Brother ____________ is today an applicant to become passed towards the Second Degree, but it's first requisite he give proofs of proficiency within the former. I shall therefore go to place the necessary questions - to Candidate - Where had you been first prepared to make a Mason?

Junior Warden should be prepared, if required, to prompt Candidate inside a whisper.

CANDIDATE - Within my heart.


CANDIDATE - Inside a convenient room adjoining the Lodge.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Describe the mode of the preparation.

CANDIDATE - I had been divested of metal and hoodwinked. My right arm, left breast and knee were created bare my right heel was slip shod along with a cable tow placed about my neck.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Where had you been designed a Mason?

CANDIDATE - In your body of the Lodge, just, perfect, and regular.


CANDIDATE - Once the sun what food was in its meridian.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Within this country Freemasons' Lodges are often held at night, how can you account for your which in the beginning view seems a paradox?

CANDIDATE - Our planet constantly turning on its axis in the orbit across the sun and Freemasonry being globally spread over its surface, it always follows the sun should always attend its meridian regarding Freemasonry.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - What's Freemasonry?

CANDIDATE - A peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and highlighted by symbols.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Title the grand concepts which an order is founded.

CANDIDATE - Brotherly love, relief and truth.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Who're fit and proper persons to make Masons?

CANDIDATE - Just, upright, and free males, of mature age, seem judgment, and strict morals.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - How are you aware yourself to become a Mason?

CANDIDATE - Through the regularity of my initiation, repeated tests and approbations, along with a readiness whatsoever occasions to endure a test when correctly known as on.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - How can you demonstrate the concepts of the as being a Mason to other people?

CANDIDATE - By signs, tokens, and also the perfect points of my entrance.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Fundamental essentials usual questions: I'll put others or no Brother wishes me to do this.

Junior Warden - conducts Candidate by right hands direct to North side of Worshipful Masters pedestal along with a convenient distance from this, both facing South. Releases hands.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Would you pledge your honor like a guy, as well as your fidelity like a Mason, that you'll continuously persevere with the ceremony to be passed as far as of the Fellow Craft?

JUNIOR WARDEN - compelling Candidate aloud - I actually do (Candidate repeats).

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - Would you likewise pledge your­self underneath the penalty of the Obligation. that you'll hide things i shall now impart for you with similar strict caution because the other secrets in Masonry?

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - I Then will trust you having a test of merit, that is a pass grip and password leading as far as that you aim to be accepted - increases, faces Candidate, and takes the latter's right submit their own right hands and holds it - ­the pass grip. is offered - changes pass grip by putting Candidate's thumb in place before placing their own - with a distinct pressure from the thumb between the foremost and second joints from the hands. This pass grip requires a password that is SHIBOLETH.

Barack Obama is a 32rd degree Prince Hall Freemason
Barack Obama is a 32rd degree Prince Hall Freemason
Nelson Mandela was a 33 degree Freemason
Nelson Mandela was a 33 degree Freemason
Bullhead 3rd Degree 2008
Bullhead 3rd Degree 2008
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