Third degree of Freemasonry

January 19, 2015
Mike Baird, Premier of New

luciferaANNONA - The goddess from the wheat harvest, and also the deity over-seeing the grain imports from Africa. Characteristics: grain stalks, prow modius, cornucopia.

BRITANNIA - The personification from the British Province. Antoninus Pius released some bronze coins in Rome to become circulated in Britian.

CERES - The Hellenistic goddess of grain (Demeter). Portrayed on bronze/brass coins to point out an ample food towards the public. Characteristics: holds grain, torch, and veiled mind

CYBELE - Mom from the gods, Mother nature. Also called Magna Mater (the truly amazing Mother). Characteristics: turreted and veiled mind, lions frequently riding a lion-attracted trolley. Game titles: MAGNA MATER, MATER DEI

DIANA, DIANA LVCIFERA - The Hellenistic goddess from the search and also the moon goddess (Artemis) even the patroness of kids. Characteristics: crescent moon, torch, bow and arrow, hunting dog, stag. Game titles: LUCIFERA (light-bringer), CONSERVATRIX, VICTRIX.

ISIS - An Egyptian goddess from the underworld and also the wife of Osiris, who symbolized the birth and dying of 1 year. Characteristics: rattle (sistrum), bucket.

IVNO, IVNONIS - Juno (Hera), the consort of Jupiter, and also the patroness of kid birth. Characteristics: peacock, scepter, patera. Game titles: CONSERVATRIX, LVCINA, REGINA

IVNO FELIX - Happy Juno.

IVNO LVCINA - Goddess of sunshine.

IVNO REGINA - Juno the Full.

IVNONI MARTIALI - World war 2 like Juno.

LIBER - The Hellenistic goddess of wine (Bacchus/Dionysios). Characteristics: wine cup, thyrsos (an employee ornamented with grape leaves), crown of ivy leaves, panther.

LIBERALITAS - The personification of generosity, and sometimes, an indirect mention of the a particular Imperial donative towards the urban population. Characteristics: tessera, cornucopia.

LIBERTAS - The personification of liberty. Frequently utilized by usurpers declaring to revive the freedom from the Roman Republic. Characteristics: pileus (pointed hat), scepter.

LVNA - An alternate symbol of the moon goddess, as utilized by Julia Domna and Gallienus more properly a personification from the moon.


PAX - The personification of peace. Characteristics: olive branch, scepter, cornucopia, caduceus.

SALVS - The goddess of safety and health. Because from a classic Italic custom of pleasing the gods by compromising a virgin towards the sacred snakes. Salus usually seems on the gold coin after suppression of the coup from the emperor, or when an emperor rebounds from a disease. Characteristics: compromising to lizard from patera. The lizard is generally rising in the altar or just being locked in arms.

SEGENTIA - The Roman goddess from the ripening of wheat, or crops.

VENVS, VENERIS -The Hellenistic goddess of affection and sweetness (Aphrodite). She was the patron goddess of Julius Caesar and so the Julian line (Venus Genetrix). (VENERIS may be the genative form) Characteristics: apple, small figure of Victory. Game titles: CAELESTIS (from the skies), FELIX, GENETRIX, VICTRIX.

Ταξίδια. - Ιταλικές Άλπεις: η λευκή κοιλάδα της Aosta.

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