Freemasonry third degree ritual

March 23, 2018
Hiram is presented as the

I've titled this lecture “The Alternative Third Degree” because that's the type of the ritual practised by Lodge Piako No 160 within the Nz Metabolic rate. The fundamental elements are, obviously, exactly the same both in types of the 3rd Degree found in our ritual book.


The 3rd Degree introduces a brand new element in to the events an applicant has so far experienced.

The very first two events are clearly rituals. That's to follow a stipulated form using the various Brethren taking negligence teachers and also the Candidate negligence a newcomer being brought to concepts and teachings. The very first is worried about presenting the Candidate to some work ethic as the second introduces him towards the concepts of greater learning: “the liberal arts and sciences”.

However, the 3rd Degree changes. It's in three parts: the foremost and third are rituals – within the forms utilized in the very first two Levels. However the second, the center part, is really a play – a morality play. The Candidate is told that he'll be an energetic participant inside a special area of the story that'll be unfolded for him.

The 3rd Degree introduces the Candidate towards the spirituality of Freemasonry.


An eminent Masonic historian authored:

“Brethren, a lot of you will be aware which i travel huge distances throughout my lecture responsibilities and also the further I am going the greater astonished I'm to determine the number of Brethren believe, quite truly, our masonic ritual came lower directly from paradise, into the hands of King Solomon. They all are quite certain it had become in British, obviously, because that's the only real language they speak available online for. They're equally sure it had become all engraved on two pills of stone, to ensure that, paradise forbid, not just one single word should be changed and many of them think that King Solomon, in the own lodge, practised exactly the same ritual because they do in their own.”

It was Harry Carr writing from the traditions in our levels.

The first written proof of a “degree” ritual is succumbed the Edinburgh Register House Manuscript that is dated 1696 and it is headed “The type of giving the Mason Word” which Carr states is an excellent method of claiming it's the types of starting a Mason.

Carr creates:

“It starts using the ceremony which made a student into an joined- apprentice (usually around three years after the start of his indentures) ….

“We are told the candidate 'was offer his knees' and 'after a lot of events to scare him' (rough stuff, equine-listen to it you want apparently they attempted to scare the wits from him [being an aside, W.Bro. Linton reviews that his experience with the 3rd Degree inside a Scottish Lodge would be that the Candidate is susceptible to a genuine bouncing and jogging because he has been transported around]), he is made to consider it and for the reason that position he required the oath, here is the first form of the mason's oath referred to included in an entire ceremony.

“By god themself and also you shall response to god whenever you shall stand nakd before him, in the great day, you will not reveal any pairt of the items you will hear or see at this time around whither by word nor write nor place it in wryte anytime nor draw it with the purpose of a sword, or other instrument upon the snow or sand, nor shall you talk about it however with an joined mason, so assist you to god.”

Secret rituals from masonic underground meeting exposed
Secret rituals from masonic underground meeting exposed
SECRET Freemason Ritual Obtained Through Hidden Camera
SECRET Freemason Ritual Obtained Through Hidden Camera!!!
Ban Secret Cult & Occult Practices and Freemasonry
Ban Secret Cult & Occult Practices and Freemasonry
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