Thirty third degree Mason

October 25, 2015
Scottish Rite Levels

The Levels from the Scottish Rite is one-act plays frequently staged with costume, scenery, effects, and also the full rigging associated with a production. Their intention would be to examine different philosophies, ancient religions, and systems of ethics. Through many of these, individuals have attempted to reply to certain universal questions. The Levels from the Rite don't tell an individual what he should consider these questions. Rather, they simply tell him by what great thinkers and cultures of history have thought, plus they try to produce a situation where the candidate or Brother can gain insight. Saying yes with Socrates the unexamined existence isn't worth living, the Rite aids in this self-examination by supplying reference points.

You will find four coordinate physiques inside the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction:

  1. (presiding officer - Venerable Master)
  2. (presiding officer - Smart Master)
  3. (presiding officer - Commander)
  4. (presiding officer - Master of Kadosh)
  5. Click the degree graphics below to determine a Web page concerning the regalia and additional concept of each degree (opens in new window).
The Lodge of Perfection

These levels, the fourth through 14th, are known as Ineffable Levels as their principal purpose may be the analysis and contemplation from the ineffable title of Deity. Following all of levels the following we've provided a short statement from the moral teachings within its lecture.

fourth degree - Secret Master: The first steps into our sanctuary are duty, reflection and focus. They train us to recognition individuals associations to God, family, country, Masonry. The apron is whitened and black, having a letter "Z" and all sorts of-seeing eye. The jewel is definitely an ivory key using the letter "Z" around the wards. The training from the 4o are secrecy, behavior training, and fidelity.
fifth degree - Perfect Master: The amount shows that honesty and reliability may be the cornerstone from the first step toward Masonic recognition. This virtue ought to be in most in our undertakings. The apron is whitened and eco-friendly, having a cubic stone along with a Hebrew YOD. The jewel is really a compass open on the segment of the circle, for an position of 60 levels. The training from the 5o are Honesty, Truthfulness, and good Belief.
sixth degree - Intimate Secretary: Within this degree we ought to learn duty, charitable organisation and toleration. We're told to reshape ourselves and our thinking into charitable organisation, self-control, and success. Be considered a peacemaker. The apron is whitened and red-colored, with Hebrew letters YOD HEH within the center, along with a small triangular that contains the Hebrew letters (clockwise from top) Janet, NUN, and SHIN. The jewel is really a gold triangular with similar three letters written.
seventh degree - Provost and select: We discover impartial justice safeguard person, property, happiness and status. These levels train us to evaluate with persistence and impartially. The apron is whitened, edged with red-colored, having a key and five rosettes. The jewel is really a golden key.
eighth degree - Intendant from the Building: We ought to shoot for perfection using the great concepts of "God's natural love, charitable organisation, morality and kindness". The apron is whitened, with red-colored and eco-friendly, having a balance, a 5-pointed star, along with a triangular using the Hebrew letters Janet (for Ben-khurim), YOU (for Jakinah), and ALEPH (for Achar). The jewel is really a gold triangular with similar three letters.
ninth degree - Elu from the Nine (Chosen Dark night from the Nine): Scottish Rite benefits are in the heart of the degree, truth, candor and generosity. We ought to begin using these to shape our way of life and conduct. The apron is whitened, lined with black, and spread with bloodstream, by having an arm holding a dagger, along with a severed mind held through the hair. The jewel is really a dagger, hilt of gold and edge of silver.
tenth degree - Elu from the 15 (Illustrious Elect from the 15): This degree shows toleration of others. Everybody has the authority to their own political or spiritual sights. The apron is whitened, having a black flap, with three arch-formed gates - over each a mind on the spike. The jewel is really a dagger as with the prior degree.
eleventh degree - Elu from the Twelve (Sublime Dark night Elect from the Twelve): This degree shows sympathy. We ought to supportive to the brother masons and also to all mankind too. The apron is whitened, lined with black, having a flaming heart within the center. The jewel is really a dagger suspended from the black cordon written using the words "Vincere aut Mori, " the pledge "that you'll rather die than betray the reason for the folks, or perhaps be overcome using your own fear or fault."
twelfth degree - Master Architect: This degree shows belief in moral and benefits as well as in God. "Existence is exactly what each guy makes from it the optimist turns an effort right into a blessing. The apron is whitened, lined with blue and gold (as a symbol of the Craft levels), having a protractor, plain scale, sector, and compasses. The jewel is really a gold triangular, having a Hebrew ALEPH around the obverse and also the five kinds of posts around the reverse.
thirteenth degree - Royal Arch of Solomon (Dark night from the Ninth Arch): This degree shows liberty within our mind and our hearts, motivated by duty and recognition. The apron is crimson, outlined with whitened, along with the "Enochian delta" (hexagram with written Tetragrammation) within the center. The jewel is really a gold triangular using the Enochian delta around the reverse, along with a scene showing two males lowering another right into a recently-discovered undercover vault, around the obverse.
14th degree - Perfect Elu (Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason): Within the degree we learn how to reflect and consider ourselves. We ought to strive to be real to ourselves and goodness. The apron is whitened silk, outlined in gold, using the Ineffable Delta within the Center. The jewel is really a quadrant (compass available to 90 levels) capped with a crown, with a nine-pointed star around the obverse, along with a five-pointed blazing star (using the Tetragrammaton) around the reverse. The compass is opened up on the segment of the circle, written using the amounts 3, 5, 7, 9.
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