Where did Freemasonry originated?

January 9, 2017

This Short Talk Bulletin continues to be modified from the paper given to the Illinois Lodge of Research by Bronx Cerza. We thank him for discussing it around.

Where and when did Freemasonry originate? It's a enticing question. It's been a resource or much misunderstanding and it has produced a lot of pompous nonsense by excessively passionate people with lively creativeness. There arc many Masons who look upon our traditions like a lesson ever and can condition with positive assurance the Craft came from with regarding King Solomon’s Temple. They neglect to notice that our ritualistic work isn't a presentation in history but basically an automobile to train fundamental moral facts within an effective manner by using builders’ tools as symbols.

In the start we ought to notice that we don't know when or where Freemasonry came from. This is because it didn't start in one location previously, by one guy or number of males. We are able to think that when one guy walk-erectile dysfunction our planet there is no Freemasonry because there is there is no need for this. However when two males made an appearance in this area and recognized the requirement for associating with other people and helping each other, Freemasonry in the most simple form started. Whenever we start to think about the origin of todays organization which we all know as Freemasonry we've many serious problems. You will find numerous ideas which have been advanced about this subject which is interesting to think about a number of them.

Henry W. Coil, in the fine Freemasonry Through Six Centuries, volume one, claims that you will find twenty-four ideas concerning the origin of Freemasonry. No helpful purpose could be offered in since the list at length 1 by 1. According to him (p. 7):

“Evidently, many of these ideas should be false. An hypothesis, to be able to ripen right into a valid conclusion should be supported not basically by a few fact, but by sufficient fact to hold moral conviction and take it out of the world of conjecture, and, furthermore, it has to with remain consistent with all of other known details.”

In “The Craft within the East”, compiled by Christopher Haffner, there seems the follow-

“In 1908, Bro. Charles Bernadin reported on his study well over 200 separate

volumes coping with the roots of Masonry. One confirmed that Masonry been around prior to the

creation, 15 basically it returned so far as your garden of Eden. Within this miasma of

historic phantasy, one book tracked the foundation from the Craft towards the Emperor of China, another

towards the Orient generally. Such stories have value only like a study within the credulity in our fellow


The majority of the ideas derive from a little commonalities which exist between your Craft and a few ancient organization, or object, after which concluding the commonalities prove that there's been found the beginning of todays Craft. Too frequently you will find numerous dissimilarities which are easily overlooked or overlooked. The weakness of many of these ideas is the fact that you will find lots of missing links as you examines the problem lower with the age range and also the ancient group can't be clearly and realistically from the Craft step-by-step. The reason behind the inability to answer now you ask , clearly established within the sixth edition of Pick &lifier Dark night, The Pocket Good reputation for Freemasonry the following: (p. 13)

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